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Burglar Alarm
The burglar alarm implemented here is a simple circuit that automatically sounds an alarm whenever a..
Cordless FM MIC
The Cordless FM Mic can be used a FM transmitter. The frequency transmitted by the circuit is FM mod..
Fire Alarm
A simple fire detection kit based on the heat sensitive Germanium diode. The purpose of a fire alarm..
FM Booster
FM booster is a low cost circuit that can be fed between an FM receiver and antenna to listen to dis..
Magic Eye
The Magic Eye is a versatile electronic eye that can be used for a variety of applications like a bu..
Mobile Phone Battery Charger
Mobile phone chargers available in the market are quite expensive. The Mobile Phone Battery Charger ..
Musical Door Bell with Memory
Most conventional doorbells available in the market generate melodies for a specific time duration w..
Musical Touch Bell
Most conventional call-bells available in the market can only be operated with a mechanical “on/off”..
Sunset Lamp
This kit is based on the principle of Light dependent resistor . Thus when the sun sets the ambient ..
Water level Indicator
The water level indicator employs a simple mechanism to detect and indicate the water level in a tan..

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