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 D Line Contactor - XTCD007B10AO
6 Frame Sizes with Current range from : 7-85A @ -3 to 400 V AC Built in Auxillary Contact on all ..
 EATON Electric 20A, 3p, type D Type - PLSM-D20/3-MW - 242498
Electric engineering, automation, process control engineering / Electrical installation, device / Mi..
Rs.1,125.00 Rs.765.00
 Eaton Electric 2NO/2NC Contactor - DILM150-XHI22, 277950
Contact Current Max 10A For Use With DILMP Contactors Contact Voltage AC Max 5..
Rs.450.00 Rs.385.00
 OVERLOAD  RELAY for  DILM7-DILM12 - ZB12-1,6  - 278436
Overload Current Min - Overload Current Max - Mounting Type Plug-In External..
Rs.1,215.00 Rs.850.00
0.24 - 0.4A 1N/O+1N/C Overload Relays,  ZB12-0,4 from Eaton Article no. 278433
  FLC Motor Rating                 &nbs..
Rs.1,215.00 Rs.850.00
0.4A - 0.6A Electronic Overload Relays - ZB12-0,6,  278434
Overload Current Min 0.4A Overload Current Max 0.6A Mounting Type Plug-In External Wid..
Rs.1,215.00 Rs.729.00
0.6A - 1A Eaton Electric 1N/O+1N/C, Overload Relay - ZB12 - 1, Article No. 278435
FLC Motor Rating 0,6 → 1 A Control Voltage 500 V ac ..
Rs.1,215.00 Rs.850.00
1.6 → 2.5 A 3Pole 60 kA, 690 V  Motor Protection Circuit Breaker - PKZM0-2,5, 72736
Current Range 1.6 → 2.5 A Number of Poles 3P ..
Rs.4,150.00 Rs.2,698.00
1.6A - 2.4A Eaton 1N/O+1N/C Overload Relay - ZB12-2, 4  Article No. 278437
FLC Motor Rating 1.6 →2.4 A Control Voltage 500 V ac ..
10 A -16 A 3 Pole  690 V Motor protection Circuit Breakers - PKZM01-16, 283390
Voltage Rating V AC 690VAC Voltage Rating V DC - Current Rating 16A No. of P..
Rs.4,050.00 Rs.2,633.00
10 A, 3 Pole 250 V, 690 V Motor Protection Circuit Breaker - PKZM01-10, 278484
Voltage Rating VDC 250V Voltage Rating VAC 690V Current Rating 10A No. of Po..
Rs.3,400.00 Rs.2,210.00
10 A, 3 Pole,xSeries MPCB - PKZM0-10, 72739
Voltage Rating V DC - Voltage Rating V AC 380V Current Rating 10A No. of Pol..
Rs.4,250.00 Rs.2,762.00
10A -16A , 50kA, 7.5kW  Motor Circuit Breaker - PKZM0-16, 046938
Voltage Rating V AC 380V Voltage Rating V DC - Current Rating 10A - 16A No. ..
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.2,925.00
10A 2 Pole MCB 10kA 230V Article no. 242401 Part # PLSM-C10/2
Number of Poles 2P Current Rating 10 A Tr..
Rs.660.00 Rs.561.00
10A, 1+N, 300mA, 10kA RCBO ( ELCB+MCB) Article no. 236079 - PKNM-10/1N/C/03-MW
Number of poles (total)                      ..
10A, 3Pole Eaton Moeller Circuit Breaker, Part# PLSM-C10/3, Article N. 242470
10A, 4P Eaton Circuit-Breaker (MCB)- PLSM-C10/4, Article no. 242606
Number of Poles 4P Current Rating 10 A Tr..
Rs.1,420.00 Rs.1,065.00
10A, SP, 10kA, 230V B Curve Type  MCB - PLSM-B10 MW, 242176
Voltage Rating V AC 415VAC Voltage Rating V DC 48VDC Current Rating 10A No. ..
10kA, 230V, 16A, 4Pole PLSM-C16/4 Eaton Moeller MCB, Article No. 242612
Number of Poles 4 P Current Rating 16 A T..
Rs.1,420.00 Rs.994.00
10KA, B Type, 63A, 1Pole, PLSM-B63-MW MCB, 242186
High-quality miniature circuit breakers for trade and industry applications Contact position indi..
12A AC Contactor 3 Pole 5.5KW Part DILM12-10(110V50HZ,120V60HZ) Article no. 276827
Coil Voltage VAC Nom: 24V Coil Voltage VDC Nom: - Contact Configuration: 3PST-NO L..
Rs.1,065.00 Rs.745.50
12A AC Contactor 3 Pole 5.5kW, DILM12-10(220V50HZ, 240V60HZ) Article no. 276829
Manufacturer EATON ELECTRIC Contactor type 3-pole ..
Rs.1,065.00 Rs.745.50
12A-16A, 1N/O+1N/C Eaton Overload Relay - ZB12 -16, Article no. 290168
Overload Adjustment Current Min 12A Overload Adjustment Current Max 16A Coil Voltag..
Rs.1,325.00 Rs.861.00
15A  3 Pole 7.5kW 24VDC Contactor- 1N/O- DILM15-10, 290073
Rated control supply voltage: 24V Voltage type: DC Rated operation current at AC-1, 400V: 18A..
Rs.1,850.00 Rs.1,220.00
16 A -20 A 3 Pole 380V Motor protection Circuit Breaker - PKZM0-20, 046988
Voltage Rating V AC 380V Voltage Rating V DC - Current Rating 16A - 20A No. ..
Rs.4,950.00 Rs.3,217.50
16 A -20 A 3 Pole Motor Protection Circuit Breaker - PKZM01-20, 283383
Voltage Rating V AC 690VAC Voltage Rating V DC - Current Rating 16A No. of P..
Rs.4,500.00 Rs.2,925.00
16 A, 3 Pole, 690V Thermal Motor Protection Circuit Breakers - PKZM01-4, 278482
Voltage Rating V DC - Voltage Rating V AC 690V Current Rating 16A No. of Pol..
16A -24A Eaton DILM17 to DILM38, 1N/O+1N/C Type Overload Relay - ZB32-24, Article No. 278453
FLC Motor Rating 16 → 24 A Control Voltage 500 V ac ..
Rs.1,550.00 Rs.1,318.00

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