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3M Novec 72DE Engineered Fluid 50 LB/ 22.7 KG Drum

More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Manufacturer Part Number 72DE
Specification Sheet 72DE(1).pdf



3M Novec 72DE Engineered Fluid 50 LB/ 22.7 KG  Drum is a blend of methyl nonafluorobutyl ether (C4F9OCH3), ethyl nonafluorobutyl ether (C4F9OC2H5), and trans-1,2-dichloroethylene (t-DCE).  It is intended to replace ozone depleting and chlorinated solvents as well as other solvent systems that do not have as favorable health, safety, or environmental properties.

Features :-

  • These properties also make the solvent ideal for certain coating and lubricant deposition applications where increased solvency is desired.
  • Novec 72DE fluid is ideal for a wide range of cleaning applications.
  • The high solvency and low surface tension, nonflammability and stability of Novec 72DE fluid make it ideal for immersion and vapor degreasing applications
  • This Novec product has zero ozone depletion potential and other favorable environmental properties.
Applications :-
  • Cleaning of oils, greases, waxes
  • Cleaning, rinsing and drying agent
  • Specialty solvent applications
More Information
Manufacturer 3M
Manufacturer Part Number 72DE
Surface Tension (dynes/cm2 ) 19
Liquid Density (g/ml) 1.28
Viscosity‎ 0.45
Part Status Inactive
Product Engineered Fluid
Contact Form SPST
Packaging 50 LB/ 22.7 KG Drum
Boiling Point Range 43 degree cels
RoHS status RoHS compliant