Thanks to Thomas Edison who first invented the light bulb somewhere in the 1800s that today lighting has grown to become one specialized area of study and research. Light technology is not only about the tiny bulbs anymore. Photonic technology is an area that is playing important roles in crucial sectors like agriculture, energy, and health today.
Advanced lighting technologies like fibre optics and Light Emitting Diodes have literally changed the way we see and register things. When speaking of the evolvement of the Lighting industry, one cannot forget to mention how futuristic technology like the IoT has brought several smart devices, consumer electronics, and home appliances on the same platform. From our smartphone to the computer, refrigerators, to fridges to the lights and fixtures in our homes; every device and gadget is connected like never before. All operational with a simple remote click from a smart device, and all behaving smartly to work as per the pre-programmed requirements of human beings!
In the same breath, we need to mention that Wireless lighting power-lines are being used for the transfer of data, communicating with lighting fixtures, and other smart gadgets at home. LEDs on the other hand have revolutionized the way our brain interprets visual things. Not to forget, that the Light Emitting Diodes help save energy and our energy bills; while ensuring that the planet is sustained and safeguarded for posterity.
And now from Wi-Fi to LiFi, be prepared for the next-gen wireless technology that is light-based and makes use of LED luminaires to take data technology to the next level.

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