3M 8810 Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M 8810 Thermal Tape, 3M™ Thermally Conductive Adhesive Transfer Tapes 8805, 8810, 8815, and 8820 are designed to provide a preferential heat-transfer path between heat-generating components and heat sinks or other cooling devices (e.g., fans, heat spreaders or heat pipes).


  • High mechanical strength
  • Improved surface wet-out for rough surface/LSE substrates
  • Excellent shock performance
  • Wider and longer roll is available
  • Halogen-free*
  • Ideal for thin bonding applications
  • Good thermal transfer


  • For rigid to rigid bonding, a twisting motion during assembly of the substrates will improve wetting. This should be a back and forth twisting motion during the application of compression.
  • For flexible to rigid or flexible to flexible bonding, a roll lamination system may be employed to apply the flexible substrate down to the rigid (or other flexible) substrate. Rubber nip rollers, heated steel rollers, and other methods can be employed to bond in a continuous manner.
  • Heat can be employed to increase the wetting percentage and wetting rate of the substrates and to build room temperature bond strength.
  • Primers may be employed to increase adhesion to low surface energy substrates (eg. plastic packages). Contact your 3M Technical Service Representative for more information about primers.
  • For best product performance, it is important to use pressure and time conditions to achieve as much wetting as possible.
Manufacturer Part Number


Thermal Conductivity‎

0.60 W/m-K

Tape Thickness

0.125 mm (5 mils)

Liner Type‎


Liner Thickness

37.5-50 µm

Dielectric Strength

26 kV/mm

Part Status



Thermal Conductive Tape

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550mm X 33m Roll

Application Category

Bonding, Thermal Interface Materials



RoHS status

RoHS compliant

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