Novec Electronic Degreaser, 12 oz can, 6 cans 

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Novec Electronic Degreaser, 12 oz can, 6 cans 


Specification Sheet: – Novec Electronic Degreaser


3M Novec Electronic Degreaser, 12 oz can, 6 cans per case is ideal for cleaning heavy oils, greases and handling soils from electronic and electrical equipment. This heavy-duty cleaner is suitable for use on metals and many plastics, with the exception of acrylics, polycarbonates, ABS, and PS.


  • Fast-drying, no residue
  • Low toxicity
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low Global Warming Potential
  • Low odor
  • Non-flammable
  • Removes Heavy Oils/Greases, Removes Silicones

3M Novec electronic degreaser is a single liquid system that is going to be enough. It’s like magic, 3M Novec electronic degreaser cleans the components prone to friction. It is also ideal as an automotive surface degreaser that provides a perfect finish, every time. On all clear coat paint finishes, 3M Novec electronic degreaser removes fine scratches, oxidation with ease, restoring full gloss and a clear paint finish. On clear plastic, such as headlight and taillight lenses, Novec Contact Cleaner removes fine scratches, oxidation, and yellowing. On the exterior glass, 3M Novec electronic degreaser removes water spots and heavy film build-up, restoring full clarity. It comes as a degreaser in spray bottles in various sizes, it is one of the best sensitive electrical contact degreasers used in heavy industries and manufacturing maintenance.

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Manufacturer Part Number

3M Degreaser

Shelf Life

5 years

Specific Gravity (g/ml)


Surface Tension (dynes/cm2 )


Evaporation Rate


Dielectric Strength

>25 kV

Part Status




Can Size‎

12 Ounce‎

Cleaner Type‎

Electronic Decreaser

RoHS status

RoHS compliant

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