FC – 3283 Fluorinert Electronic Liquid


FC – 3283 Fluorinert Electronic Liquid


Specification Sheet: FC – 3283 Fluorinert Electronic Liquid


Note:- We Can Provide loose Packing also like 1kg, 2kg

It is an electrically protecting, stable fluorocarbon-based liquid, which is utilized in different cooling applications. It is utilized for cooling hardware. Diverse atomic definitions are accessible with several edges of boiling point, permitting it to be utilized in “single-stage” applications, where it stays fluid, or for “two-stage” applications, where the fluid bubbles to eliminate extra heat by evaporative cooling. 

3M Fluorinert Electronic Liquid FC-3283 is a reasonable, lackluster, thermally steady, completely fluorinated fluid ideal for use in many single-stage heat move applications in the semiconductor producing industry.

 Its fluid reach (- 65°C to 128°C) makes it ideal for a variety of uses like etchers, particle implanters, analyzers, and others. Different utilizations incorporate heat transfer for server centers, superior registering, and power electronics and avionics hardware. 

Fluorinert FC3283 fluid is additionally utilized for gadgets testing and as an inactive response media. Since Fluorinert fluid FC-3283 is essentially a solitary compound, its synthesis won’t move or fractionate with time. This downplays liquid misfortune empowering transport properties to stay unaltered. 

Materials compatibility 

Fluorinert fluid FC-3283 is viable with most metals, plastics, and elastomers. 


  • Heat transfer 
  • Semiconductor cooling 

The capacity of realistic usability 

The period of usability of 3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquid FC-3283 is 3 years from the date of production when put away in the original packaging materials and put away at 21°C (70°F) and half relative humidity. 

Toxicity profile 

3M Fluorinert fluid FC-3283 is non-aggravating to the eyes and skin. The item additionally exhibits low toxicity. 

Safety and handling

Before using this item, kindly completely read the current item SDS and name, following all relevant security safeguards depicted in that (e.g., suggested capacity and safe taking care of, proper openness controls and personal protective equipment (PPE), tending to incidental spills, removal contemplations, and so forth) Fluorinertliquid FC3283 is nonflammable and is impervious to warm breakdown and hydrolysis during commonplace use and capacity. 

Ecological properties 

Fluorinert fluid FC-3283 has zero ozone consumption potential. Moreover, this item has unimportant photochemical reactivity and along these lines, it doesn’t add to ground-level brown haze arrangement



Note:- We Can Provide loose Packing also like FC-3283 1KG, FC-3283 2KG

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