D6T-1A-01 – Omron Non-Contact MEMS Thermal Sensor


D6T-1A-01 – Omron Non-Contact MEMS Thermal Sensor



High affectability empowers the location of fixed human presence. D6T-1A-01 Omron Non-Contact MEMS Thermal Sensor application isn’t restricted to any one area however it is valuable and fit for acting in energy and family areas as well.

It is profoundly precise and leaves a little impression and it is not difficult to work with. D6T series sensors can recognize human presence by detecting changes in human internal heat level as for the encompassing temperature.

  • OMRON’s extraordinary MEMS and ASIC innovation accomplish a high accuracy
  • Super commotion resistance with an advanced output
  • High-accuracy region temperature discovery with low cross-talk field of view qualities

Applicable for  


  • Solar PV frameworks
  • Ground and air source heat siphons
  • Smart meters
  • Submetering
  • DC the board

Building mechanization and security

  • Lighting and domotics
  • Ventilation and temperature control
  • Safety and security
  • Lifts and elevators

Home apparatuses

  • White products for texture care and dishwashing
  • Gas and electric boilers
  • Domestic apparatuses

Working climate

  • Do not utilize the Sensor in areas where dust, earth, oil, and other unfamiliar matter will stick to the focal point. This may forestall right temperature estimations.
  • Do not utilize the Sensor in any of the accompanying areas.
  • Locations where the Sensor may come into contact with water or oil
  • Outdoors
  • Locations subject to coordinate daylight.
  • Locations can lead to damage if there are any destructive gases (specifically, chloride, sulfide, or alkali gases).
  • Locations subject to outrageous temperature changes
  • Locations subject to icing or buildup.
  • Locations subject to extreme vibration or stun.

Precautions to Handle

  • Do not drop it or subject it to extreme stun or power. Doing so may harm the Sensor or change its qualities. 
  • Take insurances against electricity produced via friction before you handle the Sensor. 
  • Turn OFF the force supply to the framework before you introducing the Sensor. 
  • Secure the Sensor immovably so the optical hub doesn’t move. 
  • Install the Sensor on a level surface. 
  • Do not introduce the Sensor with screws. 
  • Make sure to wire the extremity of the terminals accurately. 
  • Never endeavor to dismantle the Sensor. 
  • Do not utilize the link saddle to the next item.

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