EKMC1606111 (17M ) Panasonic PIR Motion Sensor


EKMC1606111 (17M ) Panasonic PIR Motion Sensor


799 in stock


799 in stock

It is planned by Panasonic, EKMC1606111 PIR MOTION SENSOR VZ series. It can do a high-density significant distance detection type. The focal point color is white. The detection range will change based upon the temperature of the target and the surroundings.

PaPIRs is a pyroelectric infrared sensor that recognizes varieties in infrared beams. Nonetheless, it may not identify in the accompanying cases: absence of development, no temperature change in the warmth source. Furthermore, it could likewise identify the presence of heat sources other than a human body.

Normal application zones: 

  • Safety types of gear and gadgets
  • Traffic signals
  • Burglar and debacle counteraction

Handling Cautions 

  • Continued use after crumbling could prompt overheating, smoke or fire.
  • Before associating, check the pin format by alluding to the connector wiring outline, details graph, and so forth, to confirm that the connector is associated appropriately.
  • To keep up the strength of the item, consistently mount on a printed circuit board.
  • Do not use fluids to wash the sensor. On the off chance that washing liquid overcomes the focal point, it can lessen execution.
  • Do not utilize a sensor after it falls on the ground.
  • Detection execution can be diminished by soil on the focal point, if it’s not too much trouble, be cautious.
  • The focal point is made of delicate materials (Polyethylene). If it’s not too much trouble, try not to add weight or effects that may change its shape, causing working mistakes or diminished execution. 

Fundamental Principles 

  • Proficiency and unwavering quality of the framework may change contingent upon real working conditions:
  • Glass, acrylic, or comparative materials remaining between the objective and the sensor may not permit the right transmission of infrared beams,
  • It can influence the exhibition if there is no development or fast developments of the warmth source inside the location region
  • Expansion of the discovery region if there should arise an occurrence of extensive contrast in the surrounding temperature and the human internal heat level, the recognition region might be more extensively separated from the designed location region.
  • This sensor isn’t waterproof or dustproof. Stay away from use in conditions subject to inordinate dampness, buildup, ice, containing salt air, or residue.
  • Avoid use in conditions with destructive gases.



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