authorized distributor of Atop

At E Control Devices, we have been serving our clients with advanced electronic and mechanical components and we are an authorized distributor of Atop group for their vast range of products. We are determined to provide a suitable interface between people and cloud computing. We are serving clients from a variety of areas such as IT solutions and cloud computing solutions. We are fulfilling international manufacturers for the best automation solutions products in the world.

Our Atop authorized Products

Atop is manufacturing such quality products and we have taken the responsibility to bring the services to the manufacturers and solution providers so the end consumer can sit back and relax while getting their work done. Our range of IoT solutions empowers the industries.

We help businesses with IoT connectivity and increase the productivity and scalability of operations. There are products such as Industrial Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, Switches Hubs, Gateways & Routers, Serial Device Servers, and Industrial Computing to fulfill the requirement. We are supporting outstanding growth by presenting the desired products to sustain the computing growth.

Managed/Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet

Managed and Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch provides high bandwidth for industrial networking solutions. This uses a bandwidth of Gigabit fiber trunk for power/utilities, water/wastewater treatment, oil/gas/mining, process control automation, security access control systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

Serial Device Servers

The serial device server allows a serial device such as a printer, scanner, or climate control system to be used in a network without relying on the serial port of a computer for connectivity.

Industrial Computing

Industrial computing is another common application for industrial computers, especially robotics and manufacturing control. Other applications that use industrial computing include industrial IoT, transportation management, medical equipment, aerospace, automotive vehicles. Some other areas of industrial computing are banking, education, entertainment, data processing units and data server centers, etc.

Media converters

A media converter converts Ethernet and other communication protocols from one cable form to another form, typically copper into the fiber. This works for half-duplex and full-duplex modes and automatically senses the mode in operation. Single-mode fiber is used in telecommunication carrier networks, while multimode fiber is mostly used in LAN and horizontal cabling.

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Gateways

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus gateways provide easy communication between the host and the node. This is used to convert an older communication language to a new one which is accepted worldwide.

Power Substation

Our Atop catalog also includes a Power substation range that provides access and control to solve challenges with the energy sector. These are powerful Industrial Ethernet switches. These consist of advanced features such as huge and reliable sizes, which makes them suitable for use in signal control networks and onboard applications.

Oil & Gas and Marine

We are serving the Oil & Gas sector with technologies that provide reliability and high availability to ensure operational performance and maintenance. The same goes with the Marine applications as well. We are trying to serve with environmental responsibility for the climate hazards and risks as well. Our products are also used for Smart Cities and building automation. It is all connected with cloud computing to enable automation.

How can we help you?

Our technical team is composed of trained engineers and technicians so that we can serve our clients with better information. We provide reliable on-time service and if any client needs technical assistance regarding the project and application, we connect them with our in-house technical team. We have been successful in serving our clients and have always tried our best to come up with updated and innovative products in the market.

We are serving the biggest clients from the IT solutions sector and other industries. We offer our services so that our clients can finish their projects within the duration as we care about them and provide the best services. We are working in the direction to provide reliable solutions for our consumers.