We are product solution partner in the field of Thermal management and IOT Related Solutions. We help our customers to solve their challenges of right product selection.

We are authorized Electronic Components distributor of the Industry’s top manufacturers for IOT Sensors, Thermal Management Materials, Industrial Adhesives & Tapes, Specialty Fluids and We support Prototype to production requirements.

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Iot Sensors

The Best IoT solutions from the best brands in
the world

Thermal Materials

Sophisticated thermal management systems in place!

Industrial Adhesives

Top notch Industrial adhesive and tapes ensuring

Speciality Fluids

High quality specialty fluids for a variety of


Custom Packaging

We offers custom packaging for a variety of materials.

Free Samples

We support free samples at design stage of the product for variety of products.

INR & USD Billing Support

We offer Billing in

Bundled Saving Programs

For bulk purchases we offer bundled savings by helping customers to choose right packing as per their requirement and save money.

Technical support

Selection of right products is very crucial part for any Application. We help our customers choosing the right product from our widest range available.

Certification & Documentation

We at E Control Devices committed to providing customers with Genuine and 100% Original material and accurate, up-to-date documentations.



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You can easily compare two or more products as there is a compare button on every product page. You just need to click on the compare button below the product you are seeing and select either two or more than two products, it will display all the specifications of products side by side for easy comparison. On the compare page, you can easily add or remove products for comparison.
Our Technical Team is always ready to assist with accurate information. You can easily Contact Us for any type of technical assistance for your order-related issues. You can choose to chat with a technical expert with just 1 click on the chatbox icon in the below right corner. Then there is a WhatsApp option available on the top of the home page along with the email address. You can also choose to call us direct then we will connect you with one of our specialists. You can also schedule a call with us. On the Contact Us page you can also fill the inquiry form with your concern and we will contact you.
With thousands of products, we have various ways to find out the right product. You can easily run a search with its related terms and keywords. You can also search by the manufacturer and product category. Also, you can contact one of our experts to help you out. If you need assistance with the right part or suggestions for your design, our technical experts, applications engineers, and support team can be contacted through Phone, WhatsApp, or E-mail.
Quality is one of the parameters that differentiate us from other competitors. We are Authorized by Brands for their specific divisions and all the Authorized Brands are listed on our website with their certifications. We have clearly mentioned the names of international brands that have chosen us to be their authorized distribution partner. Please click on the given page for more information about authorized brands.
You can order samples in smaller quantities before placing a bulk order. We also provide sample quantities for prototypes and R&D. We are continuously improving all aspects of the business throughout our supply chain. In addition to working with our external suppliers and customers, our internal teams have adapted culture of Continuous Improvement to ensure our products and processes adhere to all government and industry standards and regulations.
You can put a request for the price quote for any product whose price is not shown on the product details page. Just simply click on Request for Price on the product description page and fill all the mandatory columns to get the best price for your inquiries.
Yes, Please drop an Email through the Contact Us page and we will send you the line card for various applications which you can use for product reference.
If you think you have ordered the wrong part number, then you do not need to worry. You can Call Us or Drop an Email and our team will get in touch with you with the necessary steps to get you the right product.
If your money has been deducted but you haven’t received an order number or for any reason, you cannot check your order status, in that case, you can either Call Us or write us an Drop an Email and we will manually check it and resolve it for you.
We take special care while dispatching the orders but even then if you think you have received the wrong product, then please share an email with us or Call Us. We will look into the matter and try to resolve it as soon as possible and deliver the correct product to you.

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