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For Electric Vehicle Industry

We are actively working to provide an exceptional experience to electric vehicle users. We enable the EV manufacturing companies to create innovation in modern mobility. We are a leading and authorized electric vehicle building components distributor with a portfolio that includes a wide range of solutions such as Thermal, Bonding, Connecting, Protecting and charging Solutions. We create new horizons of innovations and greater performance.

Electric Vehicle Solutions


    Featured Products


    01 High quality

    We keep quality and safety on top priority.

    02 Genuine components

    We provide support within our authorization.

    03 Technical assistance

    We have a highly skilled technical team that can take on new challenges and provide accurate direction as per the need of application.

    04 Sample Support

    We support in sample quantity for R&Ds and trial phases which will simplify the selection process.

    05 Huge inventory

    Our inventory covers a huge range of components across the EV applications.

    06 Timely Shipments

    We ship according to the customer’s schedules and forecast so they don’t need to maintain stock.

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