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Unleash Innovation with Omron Touch Sensors: Elevate Your Experience with a Gentle Touch

Embark on a journey of cutting-edge technology with the Omron Touch Sensor – a revolutionary solution designed to offer reliable operation with the simplest of touches. Our diverse range of models, featuring anti-static FG terminals, ensures not only dependable performance but also adaptability to a myriad of applications.Touch sensors are increasingly widely used in displays and Arduino-powered IoT projects. They are used in a wide range of applications, including lighting and smartphone touch screens. But do you know how a touch sensor functions and how to utilize it in conjunction with your Arduino?

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Effortless Integration, Hassle-Free Configuration:

Easily embed our touch sensors into your equipment, paving the way for hassle-free configuration of touch sensor setups tailored to your unique requirements. The straightforward installation process allows you to fasten touch electrodes and sensor components effortlessly using simple screws.

Anti-Static FG Terminal Models for Enhanced Performance:

Opt for our FG terminal models to prevent static electricity transfers, ensuring a smoother and more secure operational experience. Operating on a versatile 5 to 15 VDC with an open-collector output, these sensors eliminate the need for extensive design work, sensitivity adjustments, or complex circuit designs.

Streamlined Development Process, Optimal Performance:

Say goodbye to the constraints of PCBs as you welcome a new era of touch sensor configurations. Streamline your development process, reduce man-hours, and achieve optimal performance for a wide array of applications, including lights, elevators, vending machines, and faucets.

Product Series Specifications:

(a) AT42QT1060 Sensors:

The AT42QT1060 is a 28-pin, 4mm by 4mm IC designed to create touch interfaces for mobile phones and handheld devices. Discover more [here](

(b) AT42QT1110 Sensors:

The AT42QT1110 (QT1110) serves as a digital capacitive sensor driver for touch-key applications. Suitable for various button constructions, it can be employed in different shapes and sizes. Explore more [here](

(c) W7ED Sensors:

Introducing our new line of touch sensors with reliable operation requiring only a light touch. Models equipped with anti-static FG terminals are also available.


Reliable operation with a gentle touch. Models with anti-static FG terminals for enhanced performance.Touch sensors provide accurate and precise detection, ensuring reliable and responsive input. These sensors are versatile, capable of functioning on various surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal. Designed to be power-efficient, touch sensors contribute to overall device energy conservation.


  • - Lights
  • - Elevators
  • - Vending Machines
  • - Faucets

  • Step into a future where innovation meets simplicity with Omron Touch Sensors. Elevate your user experience and explore endless possibilities in touch sensor technology. Visit our website to discover more about the evolution of touch-sensor solutions.

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