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Environmental Sensors


Environmental sensors are devices that detect and measure changes in the environment. They help monitor things like temperature, humidity, air quality, and pollution levels in different places. your environmental sensors from Econtrol Device, the authorized distributor

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Key Features:

1. Multi-Functionality:
  1. Track eight environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, noise, acceleration, and VOC.
  2. A single sensor for a holistic approach to environmental monitoring.
2. Wireless Communication:
  1. Seamless connectivity through USB or Bluetooth® low energy.
  2. Facilitates efficient transmission of measurement data to networks for real-time monitoring.
3. Ultra-Small Footprint:
  1. Compact design ensures minimal intrusion into the monitored environment.
  2. Ideal for applications where space is a critical consideration.
4. Unique Earthquake Detection Algorithm:
  1. Benefit from Omron's specialized algorithm for highly accurate earthquake detection based on vibrational acceleration.
  2. Enhances safety by providing early detection capabilities.
5. Continuous Air Quality Monitoring:
  1. VOC sensor enables continuous monitoring of room air quality.
  2. Stay proactive in maintaining a healthy environment.


1. Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring:
  1. Suitable for diverse applications requiring simultaneous tracking of multiple environmental parameters.
  2. Provides a comprehensive understanding of the monitored space.
2. Data-Driven Decision-Making:
  1. Empower decision-makers with real-time data on environmental conditions.
  2. Make informed choices for optimizing operational efficiency
3. Earthquake Detection:
  1. Enhance safety measures with the accurate earthquake detection feature.
  2. Ideal for regions prone to seismic activity.
4. Indoor Air Quality Management:
  1. Continuous monitoring of VOC levels contributes to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.
  2. Relevant for homes, offices, and public spaces.

Product Series Specification:

1. 2JCIE Series:
  1. Incorporates advanced sensing technology for tracking multiple environmental factors.
  2. Wireless communication options for flexible connectivity


Omron's 2JCIE Environmental Sensors redefines environmental monitoring by offering a compact, multi-functional solution with wireless connectivity. From earthquake detection to continuous air quality monitoring, these sensors provide valuable insights for various applications. Stay ahead with real-time data and make informed decisions to create safer, healthier environments. Explore the 2JCIE series and elevate your approach to environmental sensing.

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