Explore the advanced capabilities of Omron’s 2JCIE Environmental Sensors, a versatile and compact sensing component that goes beyond conventional monitoring. These sensors are designed to track eight crucial environmental factors, providing real-time data on temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, noise, acceleration, and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). With wireless communication functionality and a minimal footprint, our Environmental Sensors offer a seamless solution for comprehensive environmental monitoring.

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Key Features:

1. Multi-Functionality:
  1. Track eight environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, light, barometric pressure, noise, acceleration, and VOC.
  2. A single sensor for a holistic approach to environmental monitoring.
2. Wireless Communication:
  1. Seamless connectivity through USB or Bluetooth® low energy.
  2. Facilitates efficient transmission of measurement data to networks for real-time monitoring.
3. Ultra-Small Footprint:
  1. Compact design ensures minimal intrusion into the monitored environment.
  2. Ideal for applications where space is a critical consideration.
4. Unique Earthquake Detection Algorithm:
  1. Benefit from Omron's specialized algorithm for highly accurate earthquake detection based on vibrational acceleration.
  2. Enhances safety by providing early detection capabilities.
5. Continuous Air Quality Monitoring:
  1. VOC sensor enables continuous monitoring of room air quality.
  2. Stay proactive in maintaining a healthy environment.


1. Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring:
  1. Suitable for diverse applications requiring simultaneous tracking of multiple environmental parameters.
  2. Provides a comprehensive understanding of the monitored space.
2. Data-Driven Decision-Making:
  1. Empower decision-makers with real-time data on environmental conditions.
  2. Make informed choices for optimizing operational efficiency
3. Earthquake Detection:
  1. Enhance safety measures with the accurate earthquake detection feature.
  2. Ideal for regions prone to seismic activity.
4. Indoor Air Quality Management:
  1. Continuous monitoring of VOC levels contributes to maintaining a healthy indoor environment.
  2. Relevant for homes, offices, and public spaces.

Product Series Specification:

1. 2JCIE Series:
  1. Incorporates advanced sensing technology for tracking multiple environmental factors.
  2. Wireless communication options for flexible connectivity


Omron's 2JCIE Environmental Sensors redefines environmental monitoring by offering a compact, multi-functional solution with wireless connectivity. From earthquake detection to continuous air quality monitoring, these sensors provide valuable insights for various applications. Stay ahead with real-time data and make informed decisions to create safer, healthier environments. Explore the 2JCIE series and elevate your approach to environmental sensing.

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