Internet of Things or IoT has taken device connectivity to another level! The technology has enabled billions of smart devices across...
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Electric Vehicle

EV, Electric Cars or Plug-in electric cars are the Automobile industry’s answer to sustainability, a topic of growing concern...
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Consumer Electronics

When Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of the US Patents Office commented in 1899 that ‘everything that can be invented...
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Almost 200 years back, in the 1830s, the first telecom technology was invented – the telegraph. Over a period, newer devices...
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Aerospace and Defence

Two extremely significant markets – aerospace and defense. The end-product of the Aerospace industry is commercial aircraft...
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Power Electronics

A part of electrical engineering, power electronics is a contemporary subject area that has played a significant role in the enhancement...
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The broadcasting industry has evolved with changing times – cable, satellite, and on-demand TV have revolutionized our entertainment habits...
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In the healthcare industry, modern-day technology has been blended meaningfully so that innovation can power robust and sound treatment...
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Thanks to Thomas Edison who first invented the light bulb somewhere in the 1800s that today lighting has grown to become one specialized area...
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The railway is a very important pillar in a growing economy like India. The blend with technology is helping create a top-notch transportation...
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With data being the centre of all commercial enterprise activities today, data centers have grown and evolved to occupy crucial positions...
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One of the most eco-friendly energy options, solar energy was always there and is here to stay till the end of the Earth’s life...
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