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Internet of Things or IoT refers to all the web-connected smart devices and gadgets in the world.

Electric Vehicle

EV or Electric Vehicle are the answer to a sustainable and bright future. It is becoming mainstream

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is referred to as the products used for a common purpose by people.


The Telecom industry is the sector which is made up of various communication companies like phone or internet. It runs on airwaves and cables.

Aerospace and Defence

We are seeing two extremely significant markets – aerospace and defense. The aerospace industry is vast

Power Electronics

In Power Electronics, we deal with power or energy conversion from one form to another form. It is used to combine two


The broadcasting industry has evolved so much in the past few decades. It has evolved with changing times – cable, satellite, and on-demand TV


Modern-day technology has provided meaningful innovations to the medical industry.


The lighting industry has become one of the most developed with such innovative ideas that have changed the way we see and register things


The railway has provided the capability to transport goods and people in an inefficient way to modern society.


The data center is the center of all commercial activities today. Every business regardless of its size, small or big,.


Solar is the eco-friendliest energy option for a sustainable future. Solar energy is always available and it is an infinite energy source, it is here to stay till the end.

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