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  1. Are we ready for Industry 4.0 ?

    Industry 4.0 is the latest trend in automation field and big data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Automation, artificial intelligence and collaborations will be the talk of smart manufacturing, smart products/services and smart cities.
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  2. All About Power Sequencing

    In most multi-rail systems, sequencing and relative timing of power-up or power-down for each supply rail are done by a specialized sequencer function, which can be implemented as part of a PMIC (power management IC) or a dedicated sequencer IC.
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  3. Internet of Things (IoT) Security Issues

    Data security is a very hot topic at the moment. It’s rare to get through a day without hearing news of a large corporation or an individual getting ‘burnt’.
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  4. Choosing the right motor controller

    Picking the right control to use for motor applications is a very important choice and the one that should be made before committing to a particular motor or vendor
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