authorized distributor of Eaton

E Control Devices is the authorized distributor of Eaton (control modules and switchgear products) for the international market. In this division, we provide all types of switchgear such as Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB), Circuit Breakers, Fuses, Motor Protective Circuit Breakers (MPCB), HRC Fuses, Low & High Voltage Switchgears, control panels, protective relays, and other power conducting components.

Applications of Switchgears

Switchgears refer to a centralized grouping of circuit breakers, fuses, and switches. These are most commonly used in applications where protection and control is the most important part. These are used to isolate electrical equipment and break the sudden fluctuation of current. 

The switchgear devices are mounted directly to the structures. Switchgear is commonly found throughout electric utility transmission and distribution systems as well as in medium to large-sized commercial or industrial facilities. These devices are needed to switch power on and off for transformers, generators, motors, transmission lines, and power networks in domestic, commercial, and industrial distribution systems.

Electrical Circuit Protection

Electrical circuit Protection

We always have PLSM of various specifications and variations in stock. These are used for different types of applications. These can easily be incorporated into commercial and residential applications. 

PLSMs are very commonly seen in household applications for protection and safety purposes. MCBs with multiple poles are better suitable for applications that see a high surge of current. Overload relays also come in the same category of products. These are used for current overload in any electrical device.

Similarly, Auxiliary contractors provide electric power that is used by an alternate source and it serves as a backup to the primary power source. Apart from this, we have other safety and alert components like LED light indicators and Illuminated Pushbutton Actuators. These are used to identify if any device has a running current at any given time.

Power distribution & Control systems

Similarly, Power distribution & Control systems are also used for a variety of applications both in commercial and residential uses. Additionally, from the viewpoint of industry, electrical power systems require measuring, regulating, and control arrangements. This entire system is collectively referred to as the switchgear and protection of the power system. Thus, electrical switchgear has developed in various forms.

Eaton provides customized automation and control solutions. We have collaborated with Eaton to provide the best electrical power distribution system. It makes the use of various applications safe, reliable, and intuitive. 

They offer the development and implementation and testing for all power system applications, we take the responsibility to fulfill the bulk requirements from manufacturers. It is useful for increasing uptime. The packages are designed with features to meet typical customer applications while still maintaining the flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Martek Power

E Control Devices is the authorized distribution partner of Martek Power, and its parent company Eaton. We provide their wide range of switching power supplies and linear power supplies, custom ac-dc power supplies, power converters, and dc-ac power inverters. Their switching and linear power supplies range from 1 to 50,000 watts.

Product range from Martek Power

We serve a wide range of Martek Power in low noise power supply design, engineering, and manufacturing. Along with a variety of other specific requirements. We are fulfilling the most demanding quality needs. We are capable of delivering custom solutions to meet the special requirements of our customers worldwide in all market segments.

Applications areas 

We are serving the Military, Aerospace, Medical, Railway, Automotive, Computing, Data storage, Telecom, Networking, Instrumentation, and Industrial applications. 

How can we help you?

We provide technical assistance regarding applications and proper uses of Eaton products so that our clients and customers get the highest worth of their money. We also assist those manufacturers whose projects are still under R&D and we work with them till the end of the project to make sure that every step of the project is running smoothly.

We are serving the companies offering automation and control solutions for multi-source power distribution equipment. Eaton’s experienced engineers can help with every stage of the project, from design through implementation and testing. We provide the bulk quantity to fulfill the large requirements from manufacturers and other resellers as well.