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The Light will shine harder on your electric vehicle application!


The Light will shine harder on your electric vehicle application!

Electric vehicles are a deviation from traditional fuel-based mobility and they run on electric power. It is a very well-known fact that these cost 40% lesser than fossil-fuel-based vehicles and also leave no carbon emission.

We can create luxurious yet accessible sustainable mobility through electric vehicles. The EVs are paving way for more accessible and affordable ways of smarter and autonomous transportation.


How do we stand out among other EV Solution providers?

We stand out among other EV component distribution companies because we are authorized channel partners of the original companies.

All of our components come directly from our authorized partners and we have been working in the electric vehicle industry for a long time.

We have been part of several EV R&Ds across applications. We have a highly skilled team with the capability of suggesting accurate products or solutions for the problem.


Our range of EV solutions


We have quite a wide range of EV solutions for several applications such as thermal solutions, bonding solutions, connecting solutions, protecting solutions, sensing solutions, and other application.

Our Thermal solutions consist of products from 3M and these are specially designed for EV thermal management solutions. thermal management helps to reduce the te, temperature of the battery pack which enhances performance and safety.  It includes thermally conductive pads and thermally conductive gap fillers.

Our bonding solutions are also from 3M and include thermally conductive tapes. it provides industrial-grade bonding strength. It also eliminates the need for metal fasteners. Thermally conductive tapes keep the battery pack compact and lightweight.

The next range consists of connecting solutions from ICIL. We have authorized distribution partners of ICIL and provide customized components as per the demand of individual vehicle design and requirements.  It includes EV charging cables and connectors.

Then comes the range of protecting solutions from Eaton. In this range, we provide all the requirements of circuit protectors components such as fuses, AC/DC converters, etc.

We also have sensors for automotive such as oxygen sensors and flow sensors. there are several other sensors required in the functioning of a vehicle. You can easily find them with us.

We have other solutions too such as automotive relays that are used in enabling the activation and deactivation of EV functions.


How we are helping our clients from the EV industry?

We have the biggest range of EV components and our clients get their requirements fulfilled in a shorter lead time. We provide components only from our authorized channel partners and keep quality our top priority.

We are working with international EV companies too and we can share our skills and knowledge with our other clients too. we provide tailored and customized components that enhance the experience.

We have a technical team to assist throughout the process from selecting the right components to helping in the R&D and trial period. We are about a good service so our clients rely on us for after-sales services too.

Our team works with the collective aim of creating solutions to enhance performance and quality.

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