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How are we supporting the EV industry

EV or Electric Vehicle are the answer to a sustainable and bright future. It is becoming mainstream with a passing day as the technology for EVs and batteries continues to improve performance. These Vehicles are the future and luxury as well. It is the most economical in the long run as electric vehicles are a step forward to sustainable transportation. 

The EVs do not require traditional fuel or gas for functioning rather they run through rechargeable batteries. The cost of electricity required to run an EV is more than 40% less than a car running on petrol or the same distance. The fun aspect comes from two features – one, unlike the fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are known to be smarter and responsive with the engine of the vehicle responding very quickly.

How are we supporting the EV industry?

The EV industry is on the rise and we support it because it has the potential of being the energy-efficient and sustainable alternative to traditional Vehicle and transportation methods. EVs also help to save a lot of money and other natural resources. We are serving the companies that are moving towards a better future through technological innovations in the EV industry. 

We are looking at new technologies emerging every day in the EV sector, it will be wiser to make EV cost-effective and easily available to the common people. There is also a huge demand for batteries and charging stations and we are providing our best services to the companies which manufacture batteries and charging stations. 

For power in developing countries where energy sources are limited. There is ongoing research on how to better the storage systems so that the energy demands can be met effectively, irrespective of weather conditions.

Our product range for the EV industry

We have a range of lightweight thermal management materials from 3M used for heat dissipation and dielectric fluids. High temperature can reduce the lifetime and performance along with the durability of these vehicles. 

Thermal management is an essential part of long-term performance. In the same category, we are providing thermally conductive interface pads, thermally conductive silicone pads. Then comes the product range of products for bonding, cushioning, cooling, sealing, and grounding, etc. These components are useful for battery production and design for EVs. We are providing practical, scalable, and efficiency-enhancing solutions. 

From our other authorized distributor partner Omron, we have a wide range of relays. Our relays are used to build AC/DC chargers. These relays provide auto power shutdown, connection detection, signal connection, ground fault detection, etc. 

We have other parts from Eaton such as high and low-voltage inverters, AC/DC, converters, onboard chargers, and integrated components. For power distribution, we have fuses, power distribution units, onboard chargers, integrated components, circuit protection components

Our other components are used for safety cut-off on AC and DC side, insulation detection, also for signal control. From ICIL, we have various types of connectors with innovative contact designs, these provide the highest performance at affordable prices. These come with the features such as heavy-duty and robust, strong bonding and coupling. We also provide customized options as per customer requirements.

Applications of the EV industry

There are various applications in the EV industry and these have some very essential material components. For EVs, we need electric motors, batteries, inverters, wiring, and charging stations. For EVs to perform better we need excellent heat dissipation and thermal solutions. 

For establishing connections among the various integral components, we require connectors. There are issues related to the total charging time consumed while just charging the vehicles, there is already a lot of studies and projects in the R&D or trial phase. Then comes the lack of charging infrastructure, companies are building charging stations accessible more easily so EVs can be the reality on roads. 

How we are helping our clients from the EV industry?

We are delivering and supplying our components to some of the biggest manufacturers of EVs both in India and foreign countries. We have provided our clients with a wide range of products required for EV, which has resulted in our enhanced experience. We provide tailored components to our clients specially designed to serve their end purpose. The companies that are rising in the EV industry have chosen us as their preferred distributor partner. 

We have the technical support team to serve throughout the process and R&D phase to our clients. Our after-sale services are also on point. We have always tried to provide the best services. We always provide service to our clients, not just delivering the products. We work with our authorized distributor partners to resolve issues of our clients throughout the project. We have the vision to serve the manufacturers and create developments in EV technology and distribution that will help the field of sustainable transportation.

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