Electric Vehicle

EV, Electric Cars or Plug-in electric cars are the Automobile industry’s answer to sustainability, a topic of growing concern, not only in India but the entire world. Modern-day consumers, a majority of whom are Millennials are always looking out for intelligent and innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint on the Earth. Not only is petroleum a fast depleting natural resource, but the atmosphere is affected too with emissions from conventional cars and vehicles. Electric Vehicle comparatively is a simple, short, and sweet vehicle, much loved by its owners because, in the end, they are driving around with a clear conscience and with great fun!

And, if you are too concerned about harming the ecology of the planet, choose to charge your EV with solar or wind energy!

The fun aspect comes from two features – one, unlike the fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are known to be smarter and responsive with the engine of the vehicle responding very quickly. The resultant torque is impressive and power-driven! The second reason is that you can treat the EV just like your smartphone – leave it on charging the whole night and the vehicle is ready to ride the next morning.

To charge EVs, there are enough readily available options. Not only at home or office, but you can also easily charge them at the electric grid on the road with ease. When the charge is backed up well, they need to go to petrol pumps or gas stations reduces; helping save fuel costs. It is noteworthy that in India the sale of EVs grew by almost 20% in 2019-20.

Electric Vehicle BROUCHER

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