GIC Authorized Distributor

At E Control Devices we are serving the people to grow in the automation sector. We are providing our services to the GIC authorized distributor. GIC was the first company in India to launch time switches and timers for industrial automation. We have a wide product range from GIC and serving for the

Our Product Range from GIC

Our Product Range from GIC

We are fulfilling the clients with Lightning Automation, Process Control, Monitoring Devices, Instrumentation, Power Supplies, Converters, Isolated Relay Module for automation applications.

GIC Products


Lightning Automation

For lighting automation, we are offering time switches, astronomical time switches, and lighting management control. All of these products are used for commercial and industrial applications along with individual needs.

Process Control 

For the process control, we have timers, logic controllers, and temperature controllers. These timers and temperature controllers are used for commercial purposes in bakeries and other FMCG applications.

Monitoring Devices

For monitoring devices, you will find a variety of voltage monitoring, current monitoring, frequency monitoring, temperature monitoring, level monitoring, and earth leakage relays.


For Instrumentation, we have hour meters, counters, digital hour meters, and rate indicators & totalizers. These can be used in any application where there is a need for process monitoring.

Power Supplies

In Power Supplies, we have extremely efficient industrial power supplies that are universally applicable, these are suitable for various automation applications as well such as switched-mode power supplies,  


For Converters & Transducers, there is a variety of Protocol Converters. These are used for transforming data and commands from one application to another. Interface converters also convert one hardware interface into another and these are stand-alone devices and signal Transducers that convert one type of signal or power into another.

Isolated Relay Module

These are most commonly used in fire and safety applications along with HVAC and other automated control processes. This can be combined and integrated with the PLC system.

How can we make a change in the market?

We have the team to help our clients and our service is one the best in the current industry. By supporting our clients in their quest for automation we power the future. We are efficient in managing the costs and solving the design problems of our clients.

We are always promoting a lean supply chain for better communication with our clients. We have set up ourselves as the benchmark in the industrial automation and manufacturing industry, we are always focused on the pursuit of excellence.