How are we supporting the lighting sector

The lighting industry has become one of the most developed with such innovative ideas that have changed the way we see and register things. We have seen such innovative and disruptive changes that much previous technology has gone obsolete. Today we see a variety of lights for decoration and dedicated purposes. These are designed to help humans to navigate better and they also impact positively on our eyes and overall health. Today we see human-centric and mood lights that change according to the mood of the person present on the premises. There are other types of smart lights that you can operate remotely.

How are we supporting the lighting sector?

We are serving our clients with advanced lighting technologies and we all know that Light Emitting Diodes have revolutionized the way our brain interprets visual things. We are also providing components for Wireless lighting power lines used for the transfer of data, communicating with lighting fixtures, and other smart gadgets at home. We are providing our high-quality products to nearly every field of lighting applications like residential, commercial, offices, retail, hospitality, industries, roads, floodlights and now even sports lighting.

Our vast product range for the lighting industry!

Our extensive range of products goes in the lighting industry such as thermal management interface tape, thermal greases, Acrylic Thermal Pads, Adhesive Transfer Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, VHB Tapes, Epoxy Adhesives, Electronic Grade Coatings, Thermal Coin Cell Batteries, Motion Sensors, BLE Module, Relays, Connectors, Switches, and Wire & Cable Assemblies, and many other components as well.

Applications of Lighting

In the Lighting sector, there is a vast range of applications. All of that depends on the type of light manufacturers are making and the type of functions they want to include in the end product. For example, if someone is making smart lights that can be controlled remotely through mobile phones then they need to use IoT sensors to send/ receive and process data.

For another feature they also want it to detect human presence so it can be illuminated automatically as soon as someone enters the premises. Here the manufacturers need to use a thermal detecting sensor so it detects the temperature and identifies the presence of human beings to turn on and off when there is no thermal presence automatically. These are some of the very common features which are frequently seen in street lights also as this saves a lot of energy ending up in a smaller carbon footprint. There are various applications where other components are used to serve different types of features and provide a different use of that light. We have a noticeable presence in the lighting sector.

For other products in the same industry, we have various thermal management materials and solutions. Our Thermally conductive silicone pads and thermally conductive adhesives are used for bonding purposes. For lighting, we also have a vast range of circuit protection devices

How we are helping our clients?

Our technical support team is always ready to assist the manufacturers through any difficulty during the production or R&D phase. We also take the experiences from our clients to serve them better with a different application. We have the best after-sale services as well. We take an extra step by connecting our clients with our authorized distributor partners to resolve their issues.