Ordinary Bumpons VS 3M Silicone Bumpons

Ordinary Bumpons VS 3M Silicone Bumpons

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The silicone bumpons are defined as devices used to absorb shock between two objects. If I can think of the most common area of silicone bumpons applications then it certainly should be in the auto industry

The little polyurethane pads are most commonly used on the rear of mirrors or photo placements to shield walls from being damaged. In any case, upon a more critical look, the uses for bumpons are numerous and the applications for them can be found in each room in the house. Not only for the rear of photo placements or mirrors—open your kitchen cupboard doors, get your cutting board, under the glass tabletop, or look along within edge of your sliding glass doors, or on the lower part of your appliances, tables, nightstands, seats, lounge chairs, bed stands, or PC and other electronic hardware. You’ll track down a little bumpon there, if not it ought to be. 

But even now you should ask what exactly silicone bumpons are? 

These are called grommet bumpons, clear rubber bumpons are little pieces of rubber or silicone material that are intended to ensure machines, devices, and different items from harm. They typically highlight a round shape, which could conceivably have a little opening in the middle. The presence of an opening permits a rubber bumpon to twist when put under pressure. 

Rubber bumpons are used in different applications. They are characterized as gadgets used to retain shock and vibration between two objects. The most well-known use of bumpons is in vehicles. A bumpon is made of different materials that can move without any problem. They can likewise have pneumatic or water-driven chambers which permit them to move when hit. The bumpon is utilized to limit the impact of crashes. Materials utilized can be weighty steel, plastic, painted light metal, and rubber. These bumpons are broadly utilized based on the fact that they are powerless to harm from little contacts. They are viewed as elastomeric equipment which is utilized for edge security, padding, and effect retention. 

Types of rubber utilized in rubber bumpon 

Normal bumpon materials include: 

  • Natural rubber 
  • Synthetic rubber 
  • Silicone 
  • polysulfide
  • Urethane 
  • Polyurethane 
  • Butyl 
  • Hypalon 
  • Neoprene 

Bumpons might be a little item, yet they are intended to go far and have a major effect in ensuring your goods, furniture, apparatuses, and hardware in your home. Here are a few different ways that the minuscule rubber pads can restrict harm, absorb sound, and assimilate vibration and friction that happens with successive contact of things: 

Protection of the gear from scratches: These little rubber feet are successful in the insurance of the hardware’s edges. With regular use, every one of the apparatuses acquires scratches that make them look old. With the utilization of rubber machine feet, however, every gadget holds a sharp look, with edges like new. 

Shock and effect ingestion: If the principal advantage was about how an apparatus looks, the subsequent one is about its smooth capacity. Vehicles, speakers, and home apparatuses make development and vibrations. Rubber bumpon are put cautiously inside the machine with the goal that the stun is retained. Along these lines, the inner pieces of the gadget are shielded from each other, in this manner making the gadget last more. 

No marks on the floor: Chairs, stepping stools, and household items like these, regularly leave checks and scratches on the floor. The best way to forestall them is to upgrade the furniture with rubber feet. 

Prevention of slippage: A typical utilization of both of these parts is to forestall slippage. A few surfaces, such as pre-designed wooden floors, are extra typically dangerous. In addition, at times, the gadgets are stacked on top of one another, for example, on account of speakers. The vibrations made by their activity can marginally move the machines on top. In this way, by putting a rubber bumpon cushion between them, the danger of tumbling down is essentially decreased. 

Reduction of sound: When a seat is delayed on the floor, the sound can be fairly uproarious and irritating. Nonetheless, if the seat has rubber tips the sound isn’t stunning. This is critical where a tranquil climate is essential, in particular in a study hall. 

Proper dividing and ventilation: Heat can annihilate the machines in the long haul. Consequently, many utilize rubber bumpons to isolate the gadgets and let them relax. Legitimate ventilation is the best way to guarantee the appropriate capacity of the machines for a long time. 

Easy customization: The incredible thing about these parts is that they are effectively adjustable. Regardless of whether you need a particular size or shading, whether you need a particular size or shading, you can get in touch with us for tweaked administration. 

When to Use Rubber Bumpons? 

If your business’ working environment highlights industrial machines or hardware, you might need to utilize rubber bumpons to shield them from harm. Modern machines and gear regularly produce vibrations. When left unchecked, these vibrations can harm their separate parts. Rubber bumpons can retain these vibrations with the goal that they don’t add to the untimely mileage of machines or gear. 

Rubber bumpons can likewise shield floors from harm brought about by machines and gear. Contingent upon the type of machine or hardware, you might have the option to put a bunch of rubber bumpons under it. The rubber bumpons will go about as a hindrance between the machine or hardware and the floor. Subsequently, the machine or gear will not scratch or in any case harm the floor. 

Instructions to Choose Rubber Bumpons 

When picking rubber bumpons, you ought to think about the size. Rubber bumpons are accessible in a wide range of sizes. Some of them are little, though others are huge. Consider the machine or gear with which you mean to utilize them, and pick rubber bumpons in a fitting size. 

In opposition to normal conviction, not all rubber bumpons are made of similar material. There are various kinds of rubber utilized in their development. You can discover rubber bumpons made of silicone rubber, for example. Silicone rubber bumpons are flexible, impervious to dampness, and enduring. There are additional rubber bumpons made of nitrile rubber. Nitrile rubber bumpons are especially viable for applications including oil or oil. They can withstand these substances better than different sorts of rubber. 

Kinds of Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumpons 

  • Recess Bumpons: These are utilized because they offer a padding impact just as a non-slide surface to the item. These bumpons are additionally furnished with rubber feet which are precisely fixed utilizing a bolt or screw. 
  • Stem Bumpons: These types of bumpons are embedded into a pre-penetrated opening. They are utilized as bases for cupboards and little boxes, to forestall scratches and hold them back from slipping. 
  • Plug Bumpons: These are utilized either as an areola. 
  • Screw and Tack Bumpons: In screw bumpons, screws are there for appending the bumpons to the surface. Tack bumpons take out solid and are utilized to shield any surface from harm. 
  • Grommet Bumpons: They are embedded into a pre-penetrated opening easily and can be utilized as rubber feet 

Application of Silicone Bumpon 

Bumpons are utilized for edge safety, padding, and effect ingestion. Bumpons can likewise lessen vibration and development in gear and give insurance to individuals from finding lines, sections, and other hard items. Individual security bumpons are generally splendidly shaded with reds and yellows, from their normal dim tones, to upgrade the visual wellbeing signals, for example, 

  • Used in the cooling arrangement of vehicles. 
  • They are utilized to give insurance to security-related hardware like tail lights, headlamps, and stopping lights in low-speed impacts. 
  • Bumpons offer diminished sound characteristics for cupboards and vanity entryways. 
  • They offer extra help for printed circuit sheets. 
  • Heavy obligation rubber dock bumpons are utilized for both vehicle and shipping bay applications. 


Damage control 

Rubber bumpons are an optimal answer for forestall repeating harm to surfaces like floors, ledges, door jambs, tabletops, walls, and such. Shield your wooden floors or tile from the consistent shocks or slipping, sliding, and moving of sofas or seats by setting bumpons on the base legs of the furnishings. Do likewise for significant apparatuses like clothes washers. 

In each occurrence, setting a bumpon on the lower part of the balance will likewise build the heap bearing limit of the furnishings or machine and give better wear opposition. Spot bumpons on the lower part of your slicing sheets to forestall scratches across your kitchen counters. Use one-liners to forestall scratching to footstools and nightstands. Deliberately positioned bumpons can go about as a doorstop to ensure inside dividers. 

Sound Absorption

The rubber pads act to assimilate sound on contact and cut off the drawn-out mileage to the bureau and pantry doors, face edges, and boards. Spot them on any pull-out in any room—dressers, departments, kitchen, washrooms—any place drawers are opened and shut over and over for the day to hose the rehashed hits to the pull-out box and face edge of the cupboard or table. 

Shock Absorber

Similar that bumpons hose sound, they likewise go about balancing out power when in touch with any surface. They assimilate the stun and vibration of hammering entryways, drawers, and the development of apparatuses like clothes washers and dryers. Consistent vibration can cause objects like pictures or China to move around or tumble off cubby racks, wardrobe racks, tabletops, or ledges. Bumpons can likewise ingest the sliding wardrobe entryways and outside sliding glass entryways. They will secure the door jamb and, on account of glass entryways, forestall its chance breaking. 

Purchasing Tips for Silicone Bumpons

Certain determinations are to be considered for choosing bumpons. They are: 

  • Shapes: Cylindrical, hemispherical, hexagonal, oval, rectangular, square, and roll stock. 
  • Dimensions: With the sort of bumpon, the measurements differ. Head statue, the head distance across, stem length, stem width, generally thickness are a few angles that portray the dimensional highlights of bumpons. 
  • Material of Construction: The material used to make a bumpon ought to have flexible properties just as the necessary hardness. 
  • Hardness: Hardness permits the bumpon to be unbending and impervious to pressure. 
  • Compatibility Chart: It is to be noted since bumpons ought to be viable with synthetic substances they come into contact with; a mechanical elastomeric or rubber item producer needs to counsel a similarity outline. 

Which is the best silicone bumpon for use?

3M Bumpon is pressure touchy glue upheld polyurethane items that can be utilized as feet, stops, spacers, and defenders in numerous applications. The urethane is a sturdy, tough elastomer. The forceful, high-tack pressure touchy glue is secured with a delivery liner making the application quick and simple. The without plasticizer urethane piece of the bumpons show incredible pallet obstruction, long maturing flexibility (won’t break or solidify), scraped area opposition, and protection from damaging and staining. Utilize 3M Bumpons anyplace hammering, scratching, scratching, scraping, defacing, sliding, vibration or commotion could be an issue for your item. 

Utilizations and Applications of 3M bumpon 

  • Feet on the lower part of blenders, work area number crunchers, electronic cabinetry, phones, consoles, foot pedals, scales, clocks, speakers, gadgets, and PCs. 
  • Stops for bureau entryways, covers, and drawers. 
  • Spacers for photo placements to give arrangement; for auto glass as a guide in gathering. 
  • Protectors for stacked glass and metal sheets. 

The tightened square bumpons are typically utilized for bigger machines and hardware while the more modest side of the equator and round and hollow molded bumpons are typically utilized for telephones, speakers, and consoles. The hexagon-molded bumpons are produced using delicate froth roll stock and are utilized in carpentry where a milder material is liked. The calm bumpons have a hexagonal cone shape and are ideal for use on cupboards and cabinet fronts. 


Rubber bumpon and rubber guards are broadly utilized. On the off chance that you investigate the machines that make your regular simpler, you will recognize various events where rubber guards are available. Rubber feet are little parts produced from normal or manufactured rubber and they are typically connected to the lower part of tricky items. Their application plans to secure the furnishings, stepping stools, and seat legs. Additionally, their delicate material guarantees that the floor won’t be scratched as they improve the hold of the furnishings. Therefore, schools, colleges, schools, and organizations in the cordiality business use them.

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