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Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays stand as precision marvels in electrical control. Designed for reliability and longevity, these relays utilize alternating current (AC) for seamless operation, featuring a latching mechanism that preserves their state even in power-off scenarios.


Deployed extensively in industrial and commercial settings, Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays offer reliable and precise control for various electrical circuits. They often collaborate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and timers to automate intricate processes.

Product Series Specification:

Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays exhibit the following specifications:

– Compact Sizes: Ensuring easy installation and integration into diverse electrical systems.

– Latching Mechanism: Allowing the relay to sustain its state post power removal.

– Versatile Applications: Suitable for industrial automation, building automation, and power distribution systems.


Key features and benefits of Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays include:

– High Reliability: Known for durability and a prolonged lifespan.

– Precise Control: Ensuring accurate and repeatable switching operations.


Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays find application prowess in:

– Industrial Automation

– Building Automation

– Power Distribution Systems


In essence, Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays emerge as the epitome of reliability, precision, and versatility in controlling electrical circuits across diverse industrial and commercial landscapes. Explore a future of seamless and controlled electrical operations with Omron’s AC Power Latching Relays.

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