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An electrical safety device comprises a wire or strip of fusible metal that melts and breaks the circuit when the current surpasses a specific amperage.

A fuse is an electrical device utilized in electrical engineering to safeguard circuits from the consequences of excessive currents. Typically, a fuse is composed of a strip or wire made of easily fusible metal that melts, thereby interrupting the circuit it is a part of, whenever the current exceeds its intended capacity. In the past, the screw-plug fuse was commonly employed in residential electrical systems.


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It incorporates a short length of wire, known as the fusible element, enclosed in a fireproof container with a screw-threaded base. The wire is connected to metal terminals at both the screw base and the side, and the entire assembly is covered with a transparent glass or mica window for visual inspection of the fuse's melting state. The IW001050 device's advanced design ensures reliable and efficient operation, providing peace of mind for both residential and commercial applications. With its ability to react swiftly to dangerous electrical currents, this safety mechanism plays a vital role in protecting lives and property. Its compact size and easy installation make it an ideal choice for new constructions or retrofitting existing electrical systems.

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