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Omron G2RL Relays

Omron G2RL relays are electrical switches used in various devices. They’re known for their reliability and ability to handle high currents. These relays are commonly used in industrial machinery, automotive systems, and household appliances for switching operations.Get Omron G2RL relays from Econtrol Device, the Omron’s authorized distributor. We have various deals and discounts on your bulk requirements and orders.

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G2RL PCB Relays By Omron Electronics

Omron  G2RL PCB Relay is a Power Relay that comes in various models. The General Purpose Model, which has two poles, has contact ratings of 8A and a dielectric strength of 5KVAC for 1 minute between the coil and contacts, 2.5KVAC for 1 minute between contacts of different polarity, and 1KVAC for 1 minute between contacts of the same polarity. Other models include the General Purpose with one pole, High-capacity, and High-sensitivity. All models in the G2RL PCB Relay series are compliant with VDE standards, recognized by UL, and certified by CSA.

The G2RL-HA components adhere to the Glow Wire standard (IEC/EN 60335-1) for use in Home Appliances (HA). This standard mandates the use of fire-resistant materials in the base and case.


  • maximum height of 15.7 mm
  • Meets EN60335-1 requirements for household items; complies with VDE (EN61810-1), UL508, and CSA22.2 standards.
  • The clearance and creepage distance are 10mm/10mm.
  • CTI more than 250 tracking resistance
  • Coil insulation system, Class F (UL1446)

Applications :

  • Household Appliances
  • Equipment for OA
  • commercial equipment

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