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Protective Products prioritize safeguarding your assets, equipment, and personnel. Our comprehensive range of protective products offers robust solutions tailored to diverse industries and applications. From shielding against electrical hazards to ensuring workplace safety, our products meet stringent quality standards and deliver reliable performance. Explore below to discover how our protective products can benefit your operations:


Safety Enhancement: Our protective products are designed to enhance safety measures in various environments, including industrial facilities, construction sites, and laboratories.

Asset Protection: By mitigating risks such as electrical surges, our products safeguard valuable equipment, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Personnel Safety: With features like insulation and fire resistance, our protective gear ensures the well-being of workers in hazardous conditions, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

Environmental Protection: Some of our products are environmentally friendly, helping to minimize ecological impact while providing effective protection.

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  1. High-Quality Material: Made from durable polyurethane, the Bumpon™ series offers long-lasting protection and performance.
  2. Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive: The built-in adhesive ensures easy installation and secure attachment to various surfaces, providing hassle-free application.
  3. Versatility: Available in different sizes, colors, and materials, these protective products offer versatility to suit a wide range of applications and aesthetics.
  4. Temperature Resistance: With a temperature range of -30°F to 150°F (-34°C to 66°C), the Bumpon™ series maintains its effectiveness across various environmental conditions.
  5. Non-Marring: These products are designed not to leave marks or residue on surfaces, preserving the aesthetics of the objects they protect.

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