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D6T MEMS Thermal Sensors

The D6T MEMS thermal sensors are a cutting-edge temperature sensing technology that has revolutionized the industry. With its precision and versatility, this sensor is widely used in various industries for temperature monitoring and control, offering unmatched features.

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  The Omron Thermal Sensors use advanced technology to measure surface temperatures accurately without contact. They employ a thermopile component to capture radiant energy emitted by objects, ensuring precise and reliable temperature measurements. MEMS Non-Contact Thermal Sensor for Contactless Measurement

Uses of D6T Thermal Sensor:

The Omron D6T Thermal Sensor is a versatile device used for non-contact temperature measurement in various industries. It plays a vital role in monitoring machinery temperature and preventing overheating in industrial settings. These  Sensors are used in the medical field for non-invasive temperature monitoring. It is especially useful when traditional methods are not feasible or uncomfortable for patients. With its non-contact feature, the sensor provides fast and accurate readings without any physical intrusion, making it ideal for healthcare applications. The D6T Thermal Sensor is also widely utilized in research and development, aiding scientists and engineers in studying temperature variations across different materials and environments. Its ability to provide precise, real-time temperature data makes it an essential tool for understanding thermal dynamics in various scientific investigations.

Product Series

  • D6T-1A-01
  • D6T-1A-02
  • D6T-44L-06
  • D6T-8L-09H
  • D6T-32L-01A
  • D6T-44L-06H
  • D6T-8L-09

Applications of D6T Thermal Sensor:

Industrial Automation: The D6T Thermal Sensor is used in manufacturing and industrial settings to monitor machinery and equipment temperature. This prevents overheating, reducing the risk of equipment failure and downtime. Medical Monitoring: The non-contact feature of the D6T makes it ideal for medical applications, such as monitoring body temperature without physical contact. This is particularly useful in situations where patient comfort and non-invasiveness are priorities. Building Automation: The sensor finds application in building automation systems to regulate heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. By providing accurate temperature data, the D6T ensures energy efficiency and optimal comfort in commercial and residential buildings. Scientific Research: Researchers use the D6T Thermal Sensor for precise temperature monitoring in scientific experiments and studies. Its high precision and non-contact capabilities make it valuable for understanding thermal behavior in different materials. Automotive Industry: The D6T MEMS Thermal Sensor is used in the automotive sector to monitor critical component temperatures, like engines and braking systems. This helps maintain optimal performance and prevent thermal damage.


the D6T Thermal Sensor has emerged as a transformative technology in temperature sensing, revolutionizing diverse industries with its non-contact capabilities, high precision, and versatile applications. As technology continues to advance, the D6T stands at the forefront, paving the way for more efficient and sophisticated temperature monitoring solutions across the board.  

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