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Speciality Aerosols’ purpose is to lubricate and shield metal components from harsh heat, cold, pressure, steam, and saltwater exposure scenarios.

These aerosols are formulated with precision to address unique challenges, providing benefits ranging from lubrication and corrosion protection to cleaning and degreasing. One notable application is in the automotive sector, where specialty aerosols are used for tasks such as brake and engine cleaning, rust prevention, and electrical component maintenance.

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Specialty Aerosols - Maintenance Sprays offer targeted solutions for diverse applications. Ideal for industrial machinery, automotive care, and electronic maintenance, these aerosols provide efficient lubrication, corrosion protection, and precise cleaning. Simplify maintenance tasks with these high-performance sprays, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for equipment across various industries. Maintenance Sprays - Max Battery  Care  (Battery  Terminal Coating Spray) ensures optimal battery performance by protecting terminals from corrosion. Extend battery life and enhance electrical conductivity with this reliable and easy-to-use spray. Specialty Aerosols - Maintenance Sprays offer precision with the Max ECC 500 (Electrical Contact Cleaner Spray). Safely remove contaminants, ensuring optimal electrical conductivity. Ideal for electronics and electrical components.

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