ICIL Authorized Distributor

E Control Devices has established itself as the authorized distributor of ICIL (Integral Cable & Interconnect LLP). ICIL is the brand that produces the highest quality of products with innovative design.

Product Range from ICIL

Product Range from ICIL

We are responsible for the distribution of their customized electrical and electronic Power, signal, and Combo connectors. These connectors come with the highest quality standards. Their connectors are used in a vast range of applications. We can fulfill the bulk demands of our clients for Power Connectors up to 150 Amp/Pin. Various Industries like Solar, LED, Telecom, Industrial equipment, defense, Sensor technology, automotive, etc. are using connectors from ICIL.

Applications of ICIL Products

We are providing our services to some of the biggest manufactures in the EV sector and their sole focus remains on quality. We are here to serve our clients with our highest capacity and we pay attention to the quality assistance and services. Currently, these connectors have seen the greatest boom in the EV sector. These are used in the batteries and charging stations of electrical vehicles.

How are we making a difference?

We provide the guarantee of 100% satisfaction as we have observed from our big clients for our services. Being authorized by the brand helps us to move faster as we face a shorter lead time than other resellers. These connectors come in different shapes like circular or rectangular. The safety rating is IP68 for the power, signal, and combo connectors.

We have the best technical team to provide technical assistance to the clients and we can connect with the engineers from the brand itself. We are fulfilling the requirements of various manufacturers from different industries. We can provide the bulk quantity to fulfill the big requirement from manufacturers. We serve the biggest clients from EV and other industries. We offer our services so that our clients can finish their projects within the duration as we care about them and provide the best services.