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How do we support the IoT industry

Internet of Things or IoT refers to all the web-connected smart devices and gadgets in the world. It is the revolution that has changed the entire picture of innovation in the past decades. It has enabled smart devices across the globe to connect with the help of the internet. These work to send, process, and then receive data through cloud computing.

It is a vast network of web-enabled smart devices that run on embedded systems such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, sensors, antennas, and other communication hardware. All the data is sent to the IoT hub or gateway and is collected for processing. After analyzing it is transferred to the user interface devices such as mobile phones, computers, or laptops.

How do we support the IoT industry?

Society has come a long way to achieve the dream of living in smart homes, working in smart offices, and being a resident of smart cities. The scope of the technology expands and increases to touch all areas of our lives. Three sectors that are fast adopting this technology are – Building automation, the automobile industry, and the healthcare industry. The utility sector at the moment is the largest user of IoT, followed closely by the security sector (like webcams and other smart detection systems).

We are authorized by various international brands to provide and fulfill the requirement to develop a truly automated process in homes, buildings, offices, home appliances, etc. We come up with innovative ways to serve the industries to grow. The manufacturers or assembling units use sensors to add features such as real-time data capturing to be analyzed on the go. This makes the systems agile, productive, and responsive. It gives the end-users ease of use for the smart gadgets for handy operation.

Products we have for the IoT industry!

The cities are interconnected across the world like never before and this is done by the revolutionary technology called the Internet of Things. We are providing our services to those clients who are making a difference in society by incorporating environmental sensors and surveillance sensors which makes it easier for living in big cities.

In the sensors category, we have a wide range of Thermal sensors, these work by detecting the temperature of any moving or stationary object, and these are used mostly in home appliances and home security systems.

Then comes the range of environmental sensors, we have different types of environmental sensors used in appliances to keep a track of the presence or level of harmful components in the home or office surroundings. We have humidity sensors and oxygen sensors along with air quality sensors. Similarly, we also have a vast range of flow sensors, and these are used for sensing in Instrumentation and Industrial applications for medical, inert welding, and combustion gases.

Then comes the range of vibration or seismic sensors. These are used for the applications where we need to detect vibration like before an earthquake for preventive measures apart from other applications. Similarly, touch sensors are used in elevators, vending machines, or faucets where a slight touch needs to be detected for functioning.

Applications of these sensors

Our sensor range is vast and useful in many applications in the IoT industry. Such as Medical & Healthcare Services, Transport, Supply Chain, Smart manufacturing, Home and Building Automation, Surveillance & Security, Automotive, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Information, etc.



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