The Smart Way of living- Home Automation

The Smart Way of living- Home Automation

The Smart Way of living- Home Automation Leave a comment

The world has grown because of the inventions in the past, and thanks to those, we could build our future safety, and upgrade ourselves with a lifestyle that existed only in our dreams, but now became a reality! Home Automation is a smart way of living an intelligent lifestyle. It is not just magical to see how devices seamlessly communicate with each- other, but also make efficient use of products for our daily use. 

   In layman’s terms, everything that runs on electricity can be automated. 

Now, you may have a lot of questions running inside your head like, “Can my TV switch ON the moment I step into my room with A/C running at an optimum temperature, while the lights get scheduled to switch on at 40% luminosity?” (Quite an intricate task, isn’t it?) The answer to this is YES! All of this is possible. But, how would this work? Well, I won’t get into the complicated terminologies just yet, but in an effort to explain in simple language, I’ll give it a shot! 

There are multiple electrical and electronic devices in your household like TV, Lights, A/C, Fans, Curtains, etc. Now, how would you want to make them communicate with each other to make it work as per your customized requirement? Since you are rubbing your brains to think of a solution to that, I’ll sweep you a little hint; there has to be a central control device that can communicate and send signals to those devices and respond to your commands, simultaneously.

Now, that device could be called a Controller, or the brain of your home. Just like our brain, the controller connects with every single device, wire, or wirelessly to make them understand your command and perform an activity. That mode of communication could be through wireless (WiFi, ZigBee, Z-wave, RF, etc), wired (Cat-6/LAN, RJ-45 Connection).

Once this connection is established, and the devices involved in this scenario are able to communicate in the language they can understand, hence you could get them to do whatever you want! Viola! That’s it! Wasn’t that easy to understand? 

Some of the basic applications of Home Automation

Lighting Automation: PIR Motion Sensor can be used to switch on the lights automatically whenever someone enters the room. This automation is useful mainly in a staircase or hallway as the switches for lights may not be conveniently located for this area. Some advanced sensors can also automate your lights to turn very dim after 10 pm to make your sleep less disruptive. 

Door Sensor: PIR Motion Sensor, Face Detection Sensor can be connected to your smartphones to open the front door for you or the garage door when you reach home. Moreover, some more features can be attached to it, such as lights, music, or air conditioning. These systems can also provide different customized settings to different people.

Security Cameras: Security cameras can smartly detect the changing motion outside your home and send you the images automatically on your smartphone so that you can judge the situation for yourself. 

Curtains/ Blinds: Face Detection sensor, PIR Motion Sensor, and Temperature sensor can detect the brightness and temperature of a room and can adjust the curtains according to your need for hot and cooling. 

Multimedia/ TV/ Music: Environment Sensor and Radio-wave sensor could be attached to your existing music system or Television and time them to play at a preferred hour. You can even schedule your music system as your alarm clock to wake you up in the morning listening to your favorite music from your playlist. 

Now, what do we do in all this? 

We are an authorized supplier of electrical and electronic components like Semiconductors, RF/Microwave Components, ICS, Mosfets, Analog Devices, Bridges, Displays, Transducers, Sensors, Optocouplers, Fiber Optic Devices, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation, IGBT, Thyristors, (Breath…have a glass of water, and now continue.) Rectifiers, Control Systems, PLC CNC Parts, Drives, Servo Motors, RF Components, DMD Chips, Process Control Equipments, Military Components, Zigbee, WI-FI, Bluetooth Components, and Modules. 

Phew! That was all in one breath! 

Adding to that, we also specialize in Hard to Find Components, and we aim to deliver a total electronic component solution and measurable business benefits to our valued customers through value-added services. 

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