A Panasonic general-purpose relay is an electrical component used in various applications to control the flow of electricity. These relays are manufactured by Panasonic Electric Works, a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation, and they come in various configurations to suit different needs.

General power relays 2A or more rating, configuration, and certifications. Non-polarized, High Capacity DC, General Purpose, and Safety configurations.You can share your bulk requirement and we will deliver the products right to your doorstep which are directly procured from Panasonic. You can purchase the best quality relay from us.

You can confidently place your bulk order with us, and we’ll ensure the delivery of top-quality Relay directly sourced from Panasonic to your doorstep. Our commitment lies in providing you with the finest quality products, backed by our guarantee.

Our in-house technical support team is at your disposal to help you select the most suitable sensors for your specific applications.
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