The railway is a very important pillar in a growing economy like India. The blend with technology is helping create a top-notch transportation system that is so vital for the further development of the economy.

In the global scenario, the UK has now launched the much-awaited HydroFLEX or Hydrogen-powered train. Similarly, the Austrian Federal Railways has also begun the trials of hydrogen trains. In the US, the latest in the world of Railways is the anti-idling technology that is used in freight lines to develop a sustainable rail system.

The Indian Railways is all set to introduce SMART coaches that will be a storehouse of all modern amenities and intelligent systems. CCTVs with facial recognition capabilities are being installed, Wi-Fi enabled information systems are going to be a common feature, digitized emergency systems, and digitized plug-doors are all part of the new look-and-feel to the Railways. For freight trains, the plan is to go in for rolling stock operations, powered by state-of-the-art technology and GPS-enabled real-time tracking through the Real-Time Train Information System.

In this new avatar, IoT is the go-to technology. For GPS-enabled freight trains, satellite communication is the preferred technology. The impetus is on improving arrival and departure times, and the overall efficiency of the network with the use of AI technology.


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