D6T-32L-01A Omron MEMS Thermal Sensor


D6T-32L-01A Omron MEMS Thermal Sensor



It has a contactless estimation making energy-productive and happy with living spaces. High Accuracy, Smaller Footprint, East to Work With.

OMRON’s exceptional MEMS innovation permits joining thermocouple components and ASICs into one bundle coming about to super smaller impressions. 

D6T-32L-01A Omron MEMS Thermal Sensor measures the surface temperature of items without contacting them when the thermopile component ingests the measure of brilliant energy from the object. 

D6T series sensors can distinguish human presence by detecting changes in human internal heat level regarding the encompassing temperature. 

D6T sensors can identify protests by pinpointing the objective article temperature. 

D6T sensors let you measure temperature without the need to genuinely contact the item. This permits estimating temperature where it was impractical for contact warm sensors because of space deficiency. The sensors can be utilized in a wide scope of uses including FEMS (Factory Energy Management System). 

D6T sensor addresses client issues by giving a wide scope of utilization support from home machines to modern use. 

Comparison with Pyroelectric Sensor 

Both the pyroelectric sensor and non-contact MEMS warm sensor can identify even the smallest measure of brilliant energy from items, for example, infrared radiation, and convert them into temperature readings. 

Notwithstanding, dissimilar to a pyroelectric sensor that depends on movement identification, a non-contact MEMS warm sensor can distinguish the presence of fixed people (or items). 



  • Solar PV systems 
  • Ground and air source heat siphons 
  • Smart meters 
  • Submetering 
  • DC the board 

Building Motorization and Security 

  • Lighting and domotics 
  • Ventilation and temperature control 
  • Safety and security 
  • Lifts and lifts 

Home Devices 

  • White items for surface consideration and dishwashing 
  • Gas and electric boilers 
  • Domestic devices 

Working Environment 

  • Do not use the Sensor in zones where dust, earth, oil, and other new matter will adhere to the point of convergence. This may prevent the right temperature assessments. 
  • Do not use the Sensor in any of the going with regions. 
  • Locations where the Sensor may come into contact with water or oil 
  • Outdoors 
  • Locations subject to arrange light. 
  • Locations can prompt harm if there are any damaging gases (explicitly, chloride, sulfide, or antacid gases). 
  • Locations subject to over the top temperature changes 
  • Locations subject to icing or development. 
  • Locations subject to outrageous vibration or shock. 

Precautions to Deal with 

  • Do not drop it or subject it to outrageous shock or force. Doing so may hurt the Sensor or change its characteristics. 
  • Take protections against power delivered by means of grating before you handle the Sensor. 
  • Turn OFF the power supply to the system before you presenting the Sensor. 
  • Secure the Sensor relentlessly so the optical center doesn’t move. 
  • Install the Sensor on a level surface. 
  • Do not present the Sensor with screws. 
  • Make sure to wire the limit of the terminals precisely 
  • Never try to destroy the Sensor. 
  • Do not use the connection seat for the following thing.
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