EKMC1601111 Panasonic PIR Motion Sensor


EKMC1601111 Panasonic PIR Motion Sensor


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249 in stock

The EKMC1601111 from Panasonic is a standard recognition type Passive Infrared Motion Sensor in the TO-5 bundle. This sensor distinguishes change in infrared radiation which happens when there is a development by an individual or item by the change in encompassing temperature.

There are a few conditions to detect the target, for example, temperature distinction among target and environmental factors ought to be 4°C, development speed is 1m/s and target size is 700mm x 250mm.

A short central length is all that is required in any event, when recognizing at a similar distance, which implies both cuttings back and high affectability is accomplished.

Typical applications incorporate lighting, anti-crime devices, home appliances, and commercial types of equipment, sound, and visual gadgets.


  • Its circuitry has a simplified digital output
  • Low current consumption
  • Current utilization is 170µA
  • White focal point tone.
  • Focal point material is polyethylene
  • The greatest identification range is 5m
  • Working voltage range from 3VDC to 6VDC
  • Output current is 100µA
  • Incredible protection from electromagnetic noise
  • High sign/clamor proportion to limit bogus activity
  • The greatest circuit solidness time is the 30s
  • It is environment friendly as it is without lead.


  • Detecting and Instrumentation, Consumer Electronics, Building Automation, Portable Devices, Automation, and Process Control
  • Lighting and lamps
  • Programmed switch
  • Surveillance cameras and gadgets
  • A home machine like fan, radiator, forced air system
  • General media gadgets, PCs


  • The sensor might be harmed by ±200V of friction-based electricity. Keep away from direct hand contact with the pins and be exceptionally cautious while working the item.
  • It ought to be mounted on the printed circuit to keep up the solidness.
  • It should not be utilized after falling on the ground or floor.
  • Try not to utilize cleaning fluids as it harms the item.
  • Continuously utilize safeguarded links since it forestalls the outside commotion.
  • The inward circuit board can be obliterated because of voltage vacillation.
  • Continuously utilize settled force for continuous execution.


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