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How do we support the Telecom Industry

The Telecom industry is the sector which is made up of various communication companies like phone or internet. It runs on airwaves and cables. Through telecom companies, we can send or receive voice, pictures, and data all over the world. Some of the biggest companies in this industry are telephone companies whether wired or non-wired, satellite companies, cable companies, and internet providers.

The Telecom industry has come a long way since the invention of TV and Radio. Now we have different technologies to deal with current issues in the telecom sector. The telecom industry is always in the R&D phase and trying to find new ways to provide better services.

How do we support the Telecom Industry?

We are serving companies in the telecom sector with products from our authorized distribution partners like Omron, Panasonic, and Eaton, etc. We are giving our services to the companies that are manufacturing crucial and integral parts for telecom devices. Our products are used in different segments of the telecom sector. We know that the current innovation has revolutionized the way we consume data and entertain. We are looking for better content and better services now. We are also providing components for Connectors and Products for the antenna for receiving signals and reception. For the control system, we are serving with adapters, circular connectors, solid state relays, and hook-up wire, and various cables. 

Products we have for the Telecom Industry

We have a vast range of relays from our authorized distribution partner Panasonic. Our relays are used in the telecom industry for better connectivity and smooth operations. We have a selection of relays like High Voltage Relays, Full-Size Relays, Mid-Range Relays, Protective Relays, Solid State Relays, Specialty Relays, etc.

We have other products like thermally conductive adhesives & tapes and sealants for various safety-related applications. Our coatings-related products are also used for the safekeeping of the tiny parts and keeping them in the compact outer structure.  

Apart from this, we have a vast range of PoE switches that run on TCP/IP protocol. These are used for the applications where transfer and receiving of data are done.

Applications in the Telecom Industry

There are various applications in the telecom industry that involve satellite communications, tracking systems, Testing & Inspection, telecom engineering, destructive and non-destructive materials testing etc. 

A lot of transfer and receiving of data is also one of the applications of the telecom industry. It also has satellite communications and analog and digital conversion is required for any type of data transfer. Other applications are done in the R&D phases also.

How we are helping our clients from the Telecom Industry?

E Control Devices has the best technical support team. We are always ready to help our clients through the projects and difficulties during the production or R&D phase. We have been part of some case studies and projects of our clients. So we use this enhanced experience to provide better services to our clients. We have a different approach with every new and different application. 

We are the team with the best after-sale services. We always take the extra step to serve our clients. We connect our clients with our authorized distributor partners to provide resolution to their issues. We provide technical support after sales as well. 


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