Thermal Film Replace Bergquist SIL PAD 800

Thermal Film Replace Bergquist SIL PAD 800

Thermal Film Replace Bergquist SIL PAD 800 Leave a comment

Let’s first understand what a thermal film is. A thermal interface material is any material that is inserted between two components in order to enhance the thermal coupling between them. To oversimplify it, thermal film pads are used between heat sources and heat sinks to help ensure heat is transferred more efficiently or to keep heat from transferring. After this let’s discuss Bergquist SIL PAD 800.

Sil-Pad, the term used for Bergquist’s silicone rubber-based thermally conductive insulators. Typical construction for these articles is a silicone binding material, brought together with thermally conductive fillers, which is then coated on a carrier material. Based on the compounding, the Sil-Pad 800 family of thermally conductive insulation materials are designed for applications requiring high thermal performance and electrical isolation. Sil-Pad 800 material combines unrigged and extremely compliant surface characteristics with high thermal conductivity.

This item is fiberglass brought together with a smooth and highly compliant surface with high thermal conductivity. The features of the product minimize thermal resistance and maximize thermal performance.

Typical applications include:

  • ·         Power supplies
  • ·         Automotive electronics
  • ·         Motor controls
  • ·         Power semiconductors
  • ·         CD ROM/DVD cooling
  • ·         Heat pipe assemblies
  • ·         Hard drive cooling
  • ·         Signal amplifiers

Applications requiring low component clamping forces include discrete semiconductors and mounted with spring clips. Spring clips provide quick assembly but apply a limited amount of pressure to the semiconductor. The smooth surface texture of Bergquist SIL PAD 800 maximizes thermal performance.

These are available in multiple configurations such as:

  • ·         Sheet form
  • ·         Die-cut parts
  • ·         Roll forms
  • ·         With or without pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • ·         Custom thickness and constructions
  • · Adhesive or natural inherent tack
  • Benefits of Bergquist SIL PAD 800

These are designed to improve an assembly’s thermal performance and reliability while saving time and money, specifically:

  • ·         Thermal conductivity is up to 5K
  • ·         Dielectric strength is good
  • ·         Heat resistance is excellent
  • ·         Flame retardancy is good
  • ·         High-value material
  • ·         Shock absorption
  • ·         Compatible with automated dispensing equipment 

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