What is the work of gyroscope sensor – Types and Applications

What is the work of gyroscope sensor – Types and Applications

What is the work of gyroscope sensor – Types and Applications Leave a comment

A gyroscope sensor is a product that uses a microelectromechanical system which is popularly known as MEMS. The MEMS is the technology of very small electromechanical and mechanical devices that helps us to develop many versatile products.

The accelerometer and gyroscope used this technology in the advanced form in consumer electronics. Most of the time the accelerometer and gyroscope are used complementary with each other, as the accelerometer measures the linear acceleration or directional movement of an object, whereas the Gyroscope sensor measures the angular velocity or tilt or lateral orientation of the object.

What is a Gyroscope Sensor?

A gyroscope sensor is a device that is used to measure and maintain the orientation and angular velocity of an object. This sensor is also known by various names such as Angular Rate Sensor or Angular Velocity Sensors.

It is a more advanced sensor than the accelerometers and is used to measure the tilt and lateral orientation of the object whereas, the accelerometer can only measure the linear motion. Moreover, this sensor measures the degree per second and is installed in the application where the orientation of the object is difficult to sense by humans.

Types of Gyroscope Sensor

  • Ring laser gyroscope
  • Fiber-optic gyroscope
  • Fluid gyroscope
  • Vibration gyroscope

Applications of Gyroscope Sensor

In Mobile: In mobile phones gyroscope is used to detect motion and gestures with our phones. Smartphones usually use the electronic version of the vibration Gyroscope sensor. 

In Mobile App: In mobile phones, it is used for playing high technology AR games.

In-Car Navigation: In the car, this sensor is used to show navigation with electronic stability control systems of vehicles. 

In-Camera: In digital cameras, it is used to detect the camera shake. 

So, the main function of the Gyroscope sensor for every application is to sense the velocity, angle, and control mechanisms. Some popular Gyroscope Sensors available in the market are MAX21000, MAX21001, MAX21003, MAX21100. 

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