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How are we supporting the medical industry

Modern-day technology has provided meaningful innovations to the medical industry. The innovation in medical technology has powered robust and sound treatment and other facilities. We have achieved significant milestones due to advancements in technology. We have achieved improved quality of life, optimized diagnosis and treatment, and other benefits.

Technological advancements and innovation have enabled us to record and access real-time data and it has positively impacted the services of medical facilities and has provided ease and comfort to the patients. The doctors are better equipped to take care of the unannounced difficulties. In events of disasters and other scenarios, our medical records are pulled up for cloud computing.

How are we supporting the medical industry?

We are serving medical machinery manufacturers. Our components are used in diagnostic machines in labs and hospitals. We are serving our clients with advanced technologies for diagnostics and maintenance purposes. We are serving companies that manufacture critical parts for diagnostic machines and their maintenance. We all know how our lives are changed due to faster and accurate diagnosis and treatment options. We can now get access to better healthcare across the world. It helps us to get connected with remote doctors for better opinions and diagnoses. 

Our product range for the medical industry

We have authorized distribution partners of 3M, Panasonic, Omron, GIC, and other international brands as well and we cater to the medical sector with the critical parts needed for smooth operations. 

Our clients manufacture various diagnostic machinery in which we provide them with various sensors for machinery. Our sensors have a wide range of specifications such as ventilator oxygen sensors, these are used in ventilators for monitoring the oxygen level in patients. Similarly, our humidity sensors are used to track the humidity level of operations rooms, it is also used as a preventive method against developing infections and other complications. Our pressure sensors are again used for monitoring the flow and pressure in the human body for quick and accurate diagnosis. Medical equipment and devices embedded with IoT sensors can smartly help in the way patients are getting treated nowadays.

We also provide for the HVAC applications. The hospitals and other medical facilities need very good ventilation and heating systems. In lack of a good HVAC system, there is a huge risk of outbreak and other serious issues within the facility. 

Medical-grade thermally conductive adhesives and tapes also play an equally important role in ensuring enhanced care maintenance of machines. Such adhesives are used on different medical devices like syringes, blood bags, dialysis filters, etc to bond strongly because medical products are made from materials that are difficult to bond. All types of electronic components and products are used in the healthcare industry. Semiconductor-enabled equipment is now used in critical areas like MRI, pacemakers, wireless devices for patient monitors proving that technology is the backbone for offering augmented medical care and cure to patients.

For other products in the same industry, we have various thermal management materials and solutions. Our Thermally conductive silicone pads and thermally conductive adhesives are used for bonding purposes in the diagnosis machines.


How we are helping our clients from the medical industry?

We have the best technical support and after-sale services as well. We always try to provide the best services by taking an extra step with our authorized distributor partners to resolve issues. We are serving the companies in revolutionary times for healthcare. Our mission is to serve the manufacturers and create developments in healthcare that will help the field of medicine. For us, healthcare is not just a market for technology we are happy to provide our services, particularly for prestige equipment, such as PET and MRI scanners and linear accelerators.


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