Omron D6T-44L-06 (4X4) Non-Contact Temperature Sensor with Connector


Omron D6T-44L-06 (4X4) Non-Contact Temperature Sensor with Connector



OMRON’s Interesting MEMS innovation permits consolidating thermocouple components and ASICs into one bundle coming about to super-reduced impression. Omron D6T-44L-06 Non-Contact Temperature Sensor measures the surface temperature of items without contacting them when the thermopile component assimilates the measure of brilliant energy from the article.

Item Recognition Type

  • D6T sensors let you measure temperature without the need to actually contact the object. This permits estimating temperature where it was unrealistic for contact warm sensors because of space deficiency.
  • The sensors can be utilized in a wide scope of uses including FEMS (Factory Energy Management System).
  • It can distinguish the article by pinpointing the heat source.


Before utilizing the Sensor, obtain a satisfactory agreement and make an earlier evaluation of Sensor attributes in your real framework. 

Noise Countermeasures

  • The Sensor doesn’t contain any defensive circuits.
  • Never subject it to an electrical burden that surpasses without a doubt the greatest appraisals for even a case.
  • The circuits might be harmed. Introduce defensive circuits as required with the goal that unquestionably the most extreme evaluations are not surpassed.
  • Keep however much space as could be expected between the Sensor and gadgets that produce high frequencies (like high-recurrence welders and high-recurrence sewing machines) or floods.
  • Attach a flood defender or commotion channel on close-by clamor-producing gadgets (specifically, engines, transformers, solenoids, attractive curls, or gadgets that have an inductance segment).
  • In request to forestall inductive commotion, separate the connector of the Sensor from electrical cables conveying high voltages or enormous flows. Utilizing a safeguarded line is likewise powerful. 

Working Environment

  • Do not utilize the Sensor in areas where dust, earth, oil, and other unfamiliar matter will stick to the focal point. This may forestall right temperature estimations. 
  • Do not utilize the Sensor in any of the accompanying areas. 
  • Locations where the Sensor can get in contact with water or oil
  • Locations subject to direct daylight. 
  • Locations subject to destructive gases (specifically, chloride, sulfide, or smelling salts gases). 
  • Locations subject to outrageous temperature changes
  • Locations subject to icing or buildup. 
  • Locations subject to unreasonable vibration or stun. 

Dealing with

  • Assuming this sensor is dropped on the ground or floor, it can influence the exhibition. 
  • Take countermeasures against friction-based electricity before you handle the Sensor. 
  • Prior to mounting it in the printed circuit board, if it’s not too much trouble, ensure that the force supply is cut off in light of the fact that not doing so can hurt the sensor. 
  • Secure the Sensor immovably so the optical hub doesn’t move. 
  • Install the Sensor on a level surface. On the off chance that the establishment surface isn’t even, the Sensor might be distorted, forestalling the right estimations. 
  • Always check activity after you introduce the Sensor.
  • Make sure to wire the extremity of the terminals accurately. The erroneous extremity may harm the Sensor. 
  • Never endeavor to dismantle the Sensor. 
  • Do not utilize the link saddle to the next item.
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