EKMB1304111K (12M) PaPIRS Pir Motion Sensor


EKMB1304111K (12M) PaPIRS Pir Motion Sensor


1600 in stock


1600 in stock

EKMB1304111K PIR sensor is also known as Passive Infrared Sensor. They are used to detect motion in the targeted areas Operating Supply Current: 6 uA, Sensing Distance 12 Meter.

EKMB1304111K Panasonic sensors are wall-mounted easy installation sensors. Their detection type is passive and they can also sense heat sources other than humans. The actual reading or sensing is dependable on the operating conditions.


The Basic Working Principles of EKMB1304111K Panasonic Sensors are:

  • It consumes low current for battery-based applications.
  • There is a special high noise resistance circuit designed.


Common Applications are:

  • EKMB1304111K PIR sensor is very commonly used in consumer electronics like air conditioners, fan heaters, and air purifiers.
  • They are also used in lamps and other lightings alongside automatic switching and street lights.
  • You can also use them commercially for vending machines and copying machines.
  • They are used in security cameras and traffic light cameras as they are very efficient in sensing heat sources and motion.
  • You can also find them installed on television sets and computers.

Some Points to Remember Before Operating the EKMB1304111K PIR Sensor:

  • To maintain the stability of the product, always mount it on a printed circuit board. 
  • Do not use liquids to wash the sensor. Washing fluid damages the lens and it also affects the performance. 
  • The sensor may be damaged by ±200 volts of static electricity. Sharp objects should be avoided as it can damage the sensor.
  • When wiring the product, always use shielded cables and minimize the wiring length to prevent noise disturbances. 
  • The inner circuit board can be destroyed by a voltage surge. 
  • The use of surge absorption elements is highly recommended. 
  • Please use a stabilized power supply. 
  • Noise from the power supply can cause operating errors. 
  • Noise resistance: max. ±20V 

The PIR sensor price is reasonable and affordable considering its functionality. It is worth the value and doesn’t disappoint.



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