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How do we support the Power Electronics Industry

In Power Electronics, we deal with power or energy conversion from one form to another form. It is used to combine two different fields of study such as power with energy and electronics with devices. It is a middle way to find out a way to make these two different fields compatible with each other in order to make them work together. There are many types of conversions in power electronics such as AC to DC, DC to DC, and many other types too.

You can see power electronics in your mobile charger or battery chargers too. It is also used in renewable energy storage and control systems. Power Electronics is also a major part of the Battery Management System (BMS) and used for Electric Hybrid Vehicles (EHV).

How do we support the Power Electronics Industry?

We are supporting the power electronics industry with the help of our authorized distribution partners in India such as Omron, Panasonic, Eaton, and 3M, etc. We deliver our products and provide them with our services so that they keep the innovation continued for the betterment and further technological innovations in this industry. The products we are offering are used for various applications and segments. These parts are typically crucial and integral parts of power electronics. Our clients have revolutionized the way power electronics and their applications. 

Products we have for the Power Electronics Industry

In power electronics, we are offering various types of relays with differing amps and other specifications. These are used for safety concerns and turning the power on/off. The vast range of relays we offer is from Omron and Panasonic brands. Our MOSFET relays are the best for the replacement of traditional relays and many clients are already doing this.

From 3M, we have electronic coatings. These coatings are used for specialized safety purposes or creating a safe outer mold. For thermal managemnet solutions, we also offer various thermal management materials and solutions from 3M. An excellent thermal solution can automatically increase the performance and lifecycle of any device.

Apart from thermal solutions, we are providing adhesives and sealants as well as 3M. Our adhesives and sealants are thermally conductive in nature and applications. Along with sealants and adhesives we also have tapes from 3M. These are also thermally conductive and bond very well with different types of substrates. 

Applications in the Power Electronics Industry

Power electronics are completely integrated into various sectors such as power supplies, converters, inverters, temperature controllers, variable speed motors, factory automation, and intelligent systems. 

If we see around us we can see a lot of power electronics is going on yet the biggest challenge is compatibility between two components. The primary application is the energy distribution systems, the renewable energy sources, the energy storage systems, and the high-power applications, reviewing the different alternatives and options.

How we are helping our clients from the Power Electronics Industry?

We, at E Control Devices, are providing the best services to our clients and helping them through their projects. We are at the service at every step of the project in various applications. We also closely study the case studies and R&D reports of our clients to be able to help them in a close and customized manner.

We have a team for after-sale services as well. We always help our clients by connecting them with our technical engineers and another support team.

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