T2DDT0 – Astronomical Time Switch | Digital Time Switch


T2DDT0 – Astronomical Time Switch | Digital Time Switch


Specification sheet:  T2DDT0 – Astronomical Time Switch

ASTRONOMICAL TIME SWITCH is an Astronomical Time Switch that controls lighting dependent on the time of day and astronomical occasions like dusk and dawn, representing the geographic area and schedule date. 

There are numerous kinds of time switches and they all have their potential gains and advantages. Eventually, everything relies upon your necessities and inclinations. In this way, how about we investigate the most well-known advanced time switch

Key Features 

  • Allows energy saving through programming of time and geological space of the establishment 
  • Random on Time delay (up to 59sec) for streetlamp mode 
  • Daily programmed guideline of dawn and dusk time 
  • Suitable to program the directions of the city through a simple interface through plunge switches 
  • Latitude and longitude data is put away for 1204 urban communities – DIP switch 1 
  • The city can be selectable through a plunge switch – DIP switch 2 
  • Off Time can be programmable through a plunge switch-DIP switch 3, empowering energy the executives 
  • A separate (RTC) clock battery is available and can be programmable through UART 
  • Manual On/Off is available 
  • Enables energy the executives 

Technical Specifications 

  • Supply voltage (1 stage): 110VAC to 240VAC 
  • Power utilization (Max.): 4VA 
  • Battery reinforcement: Minimum 6 years running store 
  • LED sign: Red LED for hand-off status 
  • Contact course of action: 1 C/O (SPDT) 
  • Contact rating: 16A (NO) and 5A (NC) at 240VAC/24VDC 
  • Incandescent lights: 1000W 
  • Inductive burden (Cos o = 0.6): 6A at 250VAC 
  • Clock precision: Features RTC with worked in 32.768KHz 
  • DTCXO, high dependability (UB ± 5.0 x 10-6/ – 40 °C to +85 °C (Equivalent to 13secs each month deviation) 


Domestic Applications 

  • Gate lights 
  • Outside lights 
  • Home enlightenments 
  • Parking 
  • Home mechanization 

Commercial Applications 

  • Street enlightenments 
  • Road sign enlightenments 
  • Shopping focus enlightenments (glowing billboards) 
  • Park/Garden enlightenments 
  • Parking enlightenments 

What do Astronomical Time Switches do? 

Renesas ASSP gadget TIMR-IS1 is a computerized IC that incorporates an astronomical adding machine. The arrangement input boundaries for the astronomical capacity are designed through the information pins. An in-built Astro work takes geographic area contributions from the given switch inputs and figures the dawn and nightfall timings for the whole Indian and sub-mainland with 1204 urban communities.

Astronomical Time Switches 

Astronomical time switches are a type of digitized switch. Nonetheless, they utilize an alternate system contrasted with standard digital ones. 

Astronomical time switches work depending on the time of the day. They have implicit innovation that ascertains the specific planning of dawn and dusk. Along these lines, they turn the lights on or off dependent on those estimations. 

Also, most models accompany controllers. In any case, they don’t offer numerous different choices. 

How to set it 

With both astronomic and programmed DST usefulness, a “set it once and forget about it” execution can furnish a wide range of properties with the energy-saving advantages of electronic programmable timers, from advantageous stores and school regions to little business properties and homes. 

  • The owner of a general store or service station/goods shop in Mexico City utilizes the astronomic element on an electronic timer for trustworthy ON at sunset and OFF at sunrise control of outside lights and signage. Mexico’s “radiant again today” climate guarantees the timetable differs by a couple of moments every day. 
  • The wide scope of dawn times – from 4:20 a.m. in summer to 10:13 a.m. in winter – permits a property holder in Anchorage, Alaska to exploit, set it once and forget about it programming in an in-divider timer. 
  • Southern California’s famous June Gloom incited a business property chief to make a customized program so the lights stay on one extra hour after dawn to represent often hazy mornings. 

Another significant advantage of astronomical time switches is their adaptability. Fixed ON and OFF occasions explicit to an office’s or property’s uses and occasions are similarly as simple to program as the SUNRISE/SUNSET timetables. This permits a framework or burden to remain on longer at the end of the week or a particular evening of the week, or mood killer sooner than sunrise. 

The programmability highlights and planning adaptability figured out in astronomic time switches and computerized regulators help amplify energy productivity and wellbeing and limit upkeep. Watch Intermatic the way to recordings to perceive that it is so natural to set timetables for dawn, nightfall, or a fixed OFF, and ENABLE or DISABLE DST.

How does Daylight Saving Time influence an astronomical time switch? 

With regards to DST and time switches, a generally heard protest is that having to physically change tickers when it’s “fall back” and “spring ahead” is an all-out usefulness executioner for support staff. Here are a couple of tips on how timers with a programmed Daylight Saving Time change can help free a group from the time change trouble: 

  1. Timers can be modified to a particular area with an ENABLE or DISABLE component for DST. At the point when empowered in areas that notice DST, the time check will naturally change in the fall and spring. 
  2. if a timer or regulator has a programmed DST highlight, however, doesn’t switch to the right time on the right date, odds are the switch was introduced before 2007. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 set up new dates that started in 2007, changing DST to start on the second Sunday in March and end on the principal Sunday in November. Pre-2007 models of timers and regulators may have the programmed Daylight Saving Time change; along with that, they were manufacturing plant customized to meet the DST enactment at that time. Since those dates have changed from that point forward, the right neighborhood time should be physically changed by an hour each spring and fall. 

3. DST and astronomic usefulness work autonomously with one another in a switch or regulator. For a clock to work appropriately, it has to know its area, the nearby time, and if DST applies to neighborhood time. On the off chance that DST isn’t empowered on the timer, planned ON and OFF times will be off by 60 minutes.



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