One of the most eco-friendly energy options, solar energy was always there and is here to stay till the end of the Earth’s life. The amount of solar energy that is available on the Earth’s surface for one-and-a-half-hour daily is adequate to support the planet’s energy requirements for an entire year. That is the kind of potential we are looking at!

Sunlight can be converted into solar technology using three different systems – PV or Photovoltaic systems that are commonly seen on rooftops as solar panels and are required to convert the sunlight into electricity; CSP or Concentrating solar power that uses the thermal energy to move utilities like electric turbines; and SHC or Solar heating and cooling systems that use the thermal energy to heat water and air indoors for hot water systems and heating residential and commercial places.

Solar energy is energy-efficient and sustainable helping save millions of money throughout the world. Technological innovations are part and parcel of the solar industry with now AI and Machine Learning being used to understand the specific energy needs of enterprises. The blockchain technology that is traditionally associated with cryptocurrency is also now being used in the solar industry as an emerging technology for achieving grid parity with the conventional sources of energy.

As new technologies emerge in this industry, attempts are being made to make solar energy cost-effective so as to provide greater accessibility, especially in developing countries or nations with limited energy sources. There are ongoing researches on how to better the storage systems so that the energy demands can be met effectively, irrespective of weather conditions.


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