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How are we supporting the Solar energy industry

Solar is the eco-friendliest energy option for a sustainable future. Solar energy is always available and it is an infinite energy source, it is here to stay till the end. Sunlight can be converted into solar technology using three different systems – PV or Photovoltaic systems that are commonly seen on rooftops as solar panels and convert the sunlight into electricity; CSP or Concentrating solar power that uses the thermal energy to move utilities like electric turbines; and SHC or Solar heating and cooling systems that can be used hot water systems and heating residential and commercial places.

How are we supporting the Solar energy industry?

We are supporting the Solar energy sector because it has the potential of being energy-efficient and sustainable. It can help save a lot of money and other natural resources. We are serving the companies that are moving towards a better future through technological innovations in the solar industry. As new technologies are emerging with every passing day in the solar industry, it is wise to make solar energy cost-effective and easily accessible to people. There is also a huge demand for power in developing countries where energy sources are limited. There is ongoing research on how to better the storage systems so that the energy demands can be met effectively, irrespective of weather conditions.

Our product range for the Solar industry

We have the 3M product range for future solar energy. From engineered fluids and films to modular assembly solutions, engineered to enhance performance, help improve reliability, and help drive down the critical cost per watt.

The range of Thin Film modules is conductive and dielectric. These are used in applications to collect and route electrical charges to increase the movement of electrons.

Apart from these, we also have advanced films, thermally conductive adhesives & tapes, electric coatings from 3M. These components are used for improvement and increasing performance. 

Then comes the omron relays. High power and low heat generation power relays reduce the cost for excellent heat dissipation. They are mostly used in heat sinks

Then comes the compact and high voltage DC power relays. These help to make the end product compact for PCB mounting and improve circuit pattern. 

The next range is from Eaton, the products such as fuses, general-purpose distribution switchboards, PCBs, connectors, and other protection devices are useful for safety and protection. 

Applications of the solar industry

The solar energy sector provides an alternate energy source for residential and commercial purposes. There can be various hurdles while trying to create a solar panel like faulty wires, which can prevent the solar panel from performing well. The moisture can enter the outer surface; it can start corrosion with micro cracks. These can result in big issues with time. If the heat is not distributed properly it can also result in ad performance. The solar panels are low-maintenance but they need good maintenance to get the best voltage output and benefits. 

How we are helping our clients from the solar industry?

We are serving some of the biggest providers of solar energy for residential and commercial use. We have delivered a wide range of products throughout the world, which has resulted in our enhanced experience. We provide tailored solutions to our clients. Companies in the rising solar technology have chosen us as their preferred renewable energy partner.

Our technical support team is always ready to serve clients along with the after-sale services. We have always put pressure on us to provide the best services. We go the extra mile by taking steps with our authorized distributor partners to resolve issues our clients face during the project. Our mission is to serve the manufacturers and create developments in solar power generation and distribution that will help the field of transportation. 


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