3M Circuit Plating Tape 851

3M Circuit Plating Tape 851


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Specification Sheet:- 851

3M™Circuit Plating Tape 851 is a green polyester film tape with a unique conformable adhesive for printed circuit board masking during electroplating.

• Polyester backing reduces stretch and recovery of tape associated with uneven stop-off line.
• Thick adhesive coating reduces undercutting because adhesive blocks out solutions between fingers.
• Specially designed adhesive that generally performs better when no ovens are used to heat tape and boards.

Application Techniques
• Low-stretch polyester film can be applied by machine or by hand.
• Tape must be firmly pressed down by equipment with rubber-covered rollers or a rubber-covered platen press. Hand
rolling usually does not provide enough pressure. A vivid outline of the circuit leads usually indicates adequate pressure
was used.
• Solvent* clean-up of the board is recommended to facilitate subsequent soldering.
*Note: Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using solvents

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