3M Novec 1700 Electronic Grade Coating

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3M Novec 1700 Electronic Grade Coating


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Specification Sheet: 3M Novec 1700 Electronic Grade Coating


Note:- We Can Provide loose Packing also like 1kg, 2kg

Novec 1700 is a single-part fluorinated polymer mixed with Novec 7100 Engineered Fluid (hydrofluoroether solvent). It gives low consistency and surface pressure for electronic covering applications. Novec 1700 dries to a super-thin sheer film that doesn’t need extra restoring. 

3M Novec 1700 Electronic Grade Coating is designed to protect from humidity and wearing and tearing due to the consumption of the printed circuit sheets and electronic parts. It is a reasonable, low thickness, low surface pressure arrangement of a 2 wt% fluorochemical acrylic polymer conveyed in a hydrofluoroether dissolvable. 

The layer dries to a slight, thin film with incredible hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. It repulses oils, water, silicones, and photoresist arrangements. The covering is not difficult to apply (plunge, dip, or syringe administering), air-dries like a flash, requires next to zero veilings, and is removable and repairable. 

Highlights and Benefits 

  • Simple to Apply – Dries rapidly without post-handling or relieving 
  • Non-Flammable and Low Toxicity 
  • Secures against destructive gases, fumes, and fluids 
  • Adheres fast to an assortment of surface sorts (metals, glass, artistic, polymer, composites, covers, more) 
  • Gives repellence and hostile to damp or wet surface properties 
  • Gives dampness and consumption insurance on printed circuit sheets and segments 

Solved Problems

  • Sufficient Moisture Control on Electronics 
  • Conflicting Wetting and Surface Spread 
  • Opaque or Hazy Finish After Drying 


  • Novec 1700 is designed for multiple utilizations inside hardware assembling and gathering. 
  • 3M Novec 1700 gives dampness, synthetic, and erosion assurance for circuit sheets and parts. 
  • 3M Novec 1700 Electronic Grade Coating may also be utilized as an anti relocation and hostile to erosion covering for axle engines or greased up electronic parts.

Note:- We Can Provide loose Packing also like 1kg, 2kg


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