EKMC1603111 (12M Detection Range ) Panasonic PIR Motion Sensor

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EKMC1603111 (12M Detection Range ) Panasonic PIR Motion Sensor


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994 in stock

The EKMC1603111 from Panasonic is a standard recognition type passive infrared motion sensor. This sensor distinguishes change in infrared radiation which happens when there is a development by an individual or item by the change in encompassing temperature.

A short central length is all that is required in any event, when recognizing at a similar distance, which implies both cuttings back and high affectability is accomplished.

Typical applications incorporate lighting, anti-crime devices, home appliances, and commercial types of equipment, sound, and visual gadgets.

It has simplified circuitry with a fully integrated sensor design.

  • The curvature is also low for this design.
  • It is also environment friendly as it has lead-free piezoelectric elements.


  • It is used both in households and commercially as well.
  • It is commonly used for lighting fixtures and sensor switches in homes.
  • Also, you can see them used in video intercoms and vending machines.
  • They are very common in home automation control panels.

Basic Principles for Use

  • It has room for error if there is no movement.
  • Also if the target and the environment have the same temperature it might fail to detect.
  • If there is direct light like car headlights or sunlight hitting the sensor then it can detect them too.
  • It has difficulty in detecting the target and the sensor has some glass or any acrylic material in between.


  • The performance can be affected if there is any dirt or moisture on the sensor.
  • High voltage can be damaging as well.
  • It is advisable to not use any washing or cleaning liquids as they can also damage the lens and circuitry.




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