How do we support the Aerospace Industry

We are seeing two extremely significant markets – aerospace and defense. The aerospace industry is vast and it includes passenger and military airplanes, helicopters, and gliders, as well as spacecraft, launch vehicles, satellites, and other space-related items. The Aerospace and Defense Industry is one of the most strategic industries in the world. The Aerospace Industry focuses both on the Civil and Defense segments, it predominantly serves the commercial sector. In recent years, the civil aviation sector has recorded impressive growth primarily because of the growing purchasing power of the worldwide middle-class and the entry of globalization.

The aerospace sector is doing research and development, and manufacturing flight vehicles. The end-product of the Aerospace industry is commercial aircraft, space vehicles, satellites, and general aircraft; and that of the Defense sector is about the production, procurement, sale, and servicing of military products, systems, and weapons.

How do we support the Aerospace Industry?

We are serving our clients with advanced technologies for manufacturing and maintenance purposes. We are serving companies that manufacture critical parts for aircraft. We all know that air travel has revolutionized the way we travel and move our goods. We are also providing components for Micro/ Nano Connectors, RF Products for the antenna. For the control system, we are serving with adapters, circular connectors, solid state relays, and hook-up wire, and various cables. 

Products we have for the Aerospace Industry

We have a vast and extensive range of products that are used in the aerospace industry. All of the parts we are offering are from international brands like 3M, Panasonic, Omron, and others. 

The High Voltage Connectors, for example, are compatible with reflow mounting. These provide accurate mounting on circuit boards. The connectors from ICIL come with a rugged miniature design and are available in custom pin configuration. These connectors are waterproof along with being safe on various IP standards. We are providing connectors that are heavy-duty, robust, and strong.

Next, we have the whole section of different types of relays like High Voltage Relays, Full-Size Relays, Mid-Range Relays, Protective Relays, Solid State Relays, Specialty Relays, etc. if we check the product range for Thermal Management you will see Fans & Blowers, Heat Sinks, Temperature Sensors, Thermal Interface Products, Thermoelectric Peltier Modules, and many other components.


There are several applications of the high voltage connectors, such as these can be used in different types of batteries and their chargers as well. These connectors can be used in Non-Destructive Testing & Inspection. 

The range of relays is used in aeronautical engineering, satellite communications, guidance and tracking systems, propulsion and engine testing, surveillance, and electronic warfare, impact studies, mechanical testing, and vibration analysis.

The thermal management solutions and materials are used for excellent distributed heat. These are used in other parts and components such as batteries or processing units.


How we are helping our clients from the aerospace industry?

We have the best technical support team and we are always ready to assist our clients through any difficulty during the production or R&D phase. We have seen some case studies and longitudinal surveys and studies and we use this experience to serve our clients better with every new and different application. We have the best after-sale services as well. We take an extra step by connecting our clients with our authorized distributor partners to resolve their issues. In case if our clients are stuck in any phase of their products we go ahead and resolve their issue whether it is about delivery of technical support.

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