When Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of the US Patents Office commented in 1899 that ‘everything that can be invented has been invented’ little did he know that the 19th-century inventions – railroads, the telegraph, the telephone or the steamboats – were but the tip of the iceberg! He could not have envisioned the revolution that came into existence in this century – an upheaval in automation, industrialization, and machinery that have changed things forever.

Consumer electronics or CE has pioneered every aspect of our living, be it in the way we seek entertainment, communicate with one another, or monitor our health. Anything and everything that contains circuit boards, electronic components, PSBs, and more can be categorized under Consumer Electronics. The spiraling growth of the CE industry is largely based on its merger with digitalization, computer industry, and Information Technology; and finally Internet of Things in the present decade.

While in the last decade, the Consumer Electronics segment consisted of TVs, telecom equipment, smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers, headphones, and Office equipment; the technology evolved to cover wearable devices like smartwatches, gaming consoles, Virtual Reality devices, and now the emerging technologies in this niche include devices like drones, robotic solutions, AR/VR headsets, and so on.

Like never before, Consumer Electronics is today responsible for making our lives easy and convenient. It has boosted the lifestyle of mankind across the world. And with incorporated intelligent systems it has brought in mentally stimulating, emotionally satiating, and physically relaxing elements into our lives. No doubt, the global spend on consumer electronics in 2019 was almost a mind-boggling 1,052 billion Euros.