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How are we supporting the data center industry

The data center is the center of all commercial activities today. Every business regardless of its size, small or big, is running through cloud computing and the internet. The data center is the place where the physical servers are located and these servers are never at the same location to avoid natural disasters and loss of data. It has grown and evolved to occupy crucial positions in the entire IT ecosystem.

And, with the advancement in technology like the Internet of Things, things are only going to get modernized and transformed for the better. There is no limit of devices needing to access cloud computing for example cameras, IoT sensors, Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence – the whole structure of edge computing is changing rapidly so it can handle increased demand and high volumes of data. Cloud systems, Private clouds, Platform-as-a-service, containers in data center virtualization; are all upcoming technological innovations in the field. No doubt, big giants like IBM and Amazon are investing billions in data center technology – Amazon, for example, is creating its own hyper-scale data centers and also went ahead to launch the proprietary datacenter hardware architecture AWS Outposts late last year.

How are we supporting the data center industry?

Due to the ever-evolving data center technology, now storage of crucial and bulk data is easier for companies. All thanks to virtualization technologies that are enabling businesses across the globe to work faster and with enhanced efficiency. We are helping the companies at the backend, for the security and safety of the robust data stored in these physical data centers. We are bringing the solutions for innovation in IT infrastructure to improve multiple times. In the end, the emphasis is to enable businesses to improve with augmented user experiences and build agile IT ecosystems.

Our product range for the data center industry

Edge computing is all set to make 5G a reality this year, with the majority of enterprise-related data getting generated outside the realm of the conventional data center or the cloud.

We are in collaboration with ATOP Technologies to deliver an international grade of products and services for Data Centers. Our top products for data centers are Managed and Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switch, these are used for high bandwidth for industrial networking solutions. This uses a bandwidth of Gigabit fiber trunk for power/utilities, water/wastewater treatment, oil/gas/mining, process control automation, security access control systems, and intelligent transportation systems.

The serial device server allows a serial device such as a printer, scanner, or climate control system to be used in a network without relying on the serial ports of a computer for connectivity. Industrial computing is another common application for industrial computers, especially robotics and manufacturing control. Other applications that use industrial computing include industrial IoT, transportation management, medical equipment, aerospace, automotive vehicles. Some other areas of industrial computing are banking, education, entertainment, data processing units and data server centers, etc.

A media converter converts Ethernet and other communication protocols from one cable form to another form, typically copper into the fiber. This works for half-duplex and full-duplex modes and automatically senses the mode in operation. Single-mode fiber is used in telecommunication carrier networks, while multimode fiber is mostly used in LAN and horizontal cabling. 

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus Gateways & Routers provide easy communication between the host and the node. This is used to convert an older communication language to a new one that is accepted worldwide.

Applications of the data center industry

Data Centers provide hosting facilities for computing and storage systems. This enables the distribution of web services. The computing and storage resources are the key components for routers, switches, firewalls, storage systems, servers, and application delivery controllers. Different types of data are stored in data centers, like open data.

It provides the facility of email and file sharing. It also serves CRMs, big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Data Centers provide the processing, memory, local storage, and network connectivity that drive applications.

How we are helping our clients from the data center industry?

We are serving some of the biggest companies in the rising data center technology for the cloud computing boom. For us, the data center is not just a market of IT technology and infrastructure. We are proudly providing our services, particularly for prestige equipment, serial device server, and Managed and Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches, and many other parts as well.

We provide the best technical support also to our clients along with the after-sale services. We always try to provide the best services by taking an extra step with our authorized distributor partners to resolve issues. 

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