With data being the centre of all commercial enterprise activities today, data centers have grown and evolved to occupy crucial positions in the entire IT ecosystem. And, with the advancement in technology like the Internet of Things, things are only going to get modernized and transform for the better. Today, there is no dearth of data-producing devices – from cameras to IoT sensors, Virtual Reality to Artificial Intelligence – the entire gamut of a datacenter is getting reshaped to handle increased demand and high volumes of data.

Today, thanks to the evolving datacenter technology, storing crucial bulk data has become easy for enterprises. All thanks to virtualization technologies that are enabling businesses across the planet to work faster and with enhanced efficiency.

Cloud systems, Private clouds, Platform-as-a-service, containers in data center virtualization; Kubernetes are all spearheading technological innovations in the field. No doubt, big giants like IBM and Amazon are investing billions in datacenter technology – Amazon, for example, is creating its own hyper-scale data centers and also went ahead to launch the proprietary datacenter hardware architecture AWS Outposts late last year. Edge computing is all set to make 5G a reality this year, with the majority of enterprise-related data getting generated outside the realm of the conventional data center or the cloud.

At the backend, datacenter security is also a major aspect of this technological growth. Thus, state-of-the-art innovations are being invested in to ensure that the IT infrastructures are multiple times more robust than they are now to prevent threats to Information Technology. In the end, the emphasis is to enable businesses to improve their ROIs with augmented user experiences and building agile IT ecosystems.