3M™ Circuit Plating Tape 851

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Product Description
3M™Circuit Plating Tape 851 is a green polyester film tape with a unique conformable adhesive for printed circuit board masking during electroplating.

• Polyester backing reduces stretch and recovery of tape associated with uneven stop-off line.
• Thick adhesive coating reduces undercutting because adhesive blocks out solutions between fingers.
• Specially designed adhesive that generally performs better when no ovens are used to heat tape and boards.

Application Techniques
• Low-stretch polyester film can be applied by machine or by hand.
• Tape must be firmly pressed down by equipment with rubber-covered rollers or a rubber-covered platen press. Hand rolling usually does not provide enough pressure.   A vivid outline of the circuit leads usually indicates adequate pressure was used.
• Solvent* clean-up of the board is recommended to facilitate subsequent soldering.

Application Ideas
• For masking printed circuit boards during solder stripping and precious metal plating of fingers.
• Splicing of silicone coated papers.

Product Construction




Standard Roll Length


Blended silicone

Translucent green

144 yds. (132 m)


and rubber



Typical Physical Properties

The following technical information and data is based upon limited 3M testing conditions and should not be used for
specification purposes



         ASTM Test Method

Adhesion to Stainless Steel:

29 oz./in. width (27 N/100 mm)


Tensile Strength at Break:

26.8 lbs./in. width (368 N/100 mm)



Elongation at Break:



Backing Thickness:

0.9 mil (0.02 mm)


Total Tape Thickness:

3.6 mils (0.10 mm)



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